Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Circus acrobat knowingly infects lover(s) with HIV

Queensland Health has received 18 calls from persons fearing that they either had sex with HIV positive circus performer Godfrey Zaburoni or to have had sex with one of Zaburoni's lovers. Zamburoni is charged with "grievous bodily harm and intending to cause grievous bodily harm or transmit serious disease." He provided authorities a list of 12 women with whom he had unprotected sex.

One can only imagine the pick-up lines used by this hunky typhoid-Mary, err, HIV-Godfrey:

Like to live dangerously?

Wanna have your fancy tickled by an acrobat?

Hey babe, what say we go back to my place for some tumbling.

Regardless, anyone engaging in fleeting unprotected sex is gambling with his or her life.


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