Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iran in love with the devil

Iranian "news" site Hamsayeh.Net – the Islamic equivalent of Antony Loewenstein: just as painful to read but with a bigger budget – gives South America's number one commie fruitcake a great big plug:

Venezuelan progressive President Hugo Chavez has set up a twitter account that is now one of the most popular accounts with over quarter of a million followers across the world.

The President’s account address is @chavezcandanga, with candanga being a local word meaning relentless. The Venezuelan President enjoys grassroots support from people around the world dwarfing the well-funded opposition that aims to create rift between various factions in the oil rich Latin American nation.

With the opposition receiving assistance from the US and other Zionist related lobbies, it hopes to bring a halt Venezuela’s new path towards independence.

Ignoring the Zionist under every bed nonsense, Chavez's Twitter account is popular but certainly isn't one of the most popular:

It is indeed appropriate that Chavez ranks 666;  candanga translates as "devil".


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

With the effective collapse of the Soviet Union, I've always loved how the Muslim world is almost completely reliant on American and Western technology, having developed nothing of their own of any significance.

They are too stupid to realise, akin to Jew hating Neo-Nazis wearing Levi-Strauss Jeans.

6:36 AM  

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