Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Asylum seeker 'hell hole' equipped with exercise equipment, table soccer and catered meals

A group of asylum seekers has arrived at a holding facility in Western Australia's north:

It used to be called a "hell hole" but the Curtin detention centre in Australia's remote north-west is open for business again.

Nearly 200 Afghan asylum seekers were transferred to Curtin from Christmas Island at the weekend.

There may be no barbed wire, but it is very much like a natural prison, surrounded by scrub and red dirt - the unforgiving landscape of the west Kimberley.

Exactly what once made Curtin a "hell hole" is uncertain. It can't be the climate, which is no more intolerable than are Singapore, Colombo, Darwin and many other tropical locations.

And the facilities seem to be first class, for a "hell hole", at least.

The only remaining possibly damning factor is the facility's isolation. Heaven forbid would be immigrants are forced to temporarily endure the isolated loneliness of bush life experienced by thousands of Australians on an ongoing basis, without government supplied exercise equipment, table soccer, Internet access and catered meals.




Anonymous boy on a bike said...

I saw in the news today that the Feds are thinking of using Muresk agricultural college outside Northam in WA as the college might be closing.

If the old Army base at Northam is still open, why not use that? I did a few exercises there in the 1980s, and the place was perfectly serviceable. If my history is correct, it was originally built to house Italian POWs in WW2, and was used to house displaced people after the war. Sure, the Nissen huts might look a bit old fashioned these days - but they do the job.

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