Monday, June 14, 2010

Lefty bloggers bend the truth while ignoring the deaths of millions

It's no secret that America's public education system is in trouble, and has been dysfunctional for years. With lefty truth-manipulating educators like Ed Darrell all too common amongst American teachers this comes as no surprise.

Through his site, Millard Fillmore's Bathtub, Darrell asserts lofty ambitions "to help students, their learning partners (especially parents), teachers and administrators make history sing for the students — and other social studies, too." Darrell is, as confirmed lefties so commonly are, wildly inaccurate, however. Given his obvious bias and frequent errors, intentional and otherwise, Darrell could best help students and their learning partners by closing down his blog.

Just like his truth-manipulating mentor, political blogger Tim Lambert, Darrell idolises Rachel Carson and despises everyone who is pro-DDT. It is therefore no surprise that Darrell, like Lambert, is very critical of pro-DDT advocacy group Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM), economist Roger Bate and malaria expert Donald RobertsLambert outrageously claiming that AFM aimed to kill African children.

According to Darrell:

In its 2009 Annual Report, AFM proudly states “AFM is the only advocacy group that routinely supports IRS [Indoor Residual Spraying] and through its advocacy work defends the use of DDT for malaria control. “  Cleverly, and tellingly, they do not reveal that IRS in integrated vector (pest) management is what Rachel Carson advocated in 1962, nor do they mention that it is also supported by the much larger WHO, several nations in Africa, and the Gates Foundation, all of whom probably do more to fight malaria when they sneeze that AFM does intentionally.

Google and Bing searches turn up no projects the organization actually conducts to provide bed nets, or DDT, or anything else, to anyone working against malaria.  I can’t find any place anyone other than AFM describes any activities of the group.

Darrell is, of course, misleading his readers. Carson did not advocate DDT use as part of a program of integrated pest management, and AFM is an advocacy group not a scientific research organisation, a provider of bednets, a funder of insecticide spraying or of any other anti-malaria activities, as clearly stated at its website:

Africa Fighting Malaria is a non-profit health advocacy group founded in 2000 and based in South Africa and the United States.  Our mission is to make malaria control more transparent, responsive and effective.  We conduct research into the social and economic aspects of malaria and raise the profile of the disease and the issues surrounding its control in the local and international media.  AFM strives to hold public institutions accountable for funding and implementing effective, integrated and country-driven malaria control policies and to promote successful private sector initiatives to control the disease.

So, please be careful when cruising the net looking for information about anti-malaria measures, and DDT in particular: Tim Lambert and Ed Darrell are biased sources that provide only wildly inaccurate information concerning DDT's role in the fight against malaria.


Anonymous Ed Darrell said...

Fascinating the way you can agree that AFM does nothing to fight malaria, while then blaming me for their perfidy.

You can't think of anything they do noble or good, eh?

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Ed Darrel's neighbor. said...

Christ that Lambert is a scum bag. He is the most dishonest man around and finds no dark hole too deep to slink into.

[Hearsay deleted – JF]

There's nothing he touches that he doesn't poison.

Ed Darrel is just a laughable moron and no wonder these two lunatics swim together in the greasy lake.

9:18 PM  

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