Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cement and lumber more important than food for children

Israel critics have harped on and on about import restrictions' devastating impact on Gaza's malnourished and stunted children. But despite the ongoing easing of restrictions on foodstuff imports it's claimed Gazans are now no better off:

Since January this year. Israel has added every month or two about 10 items to the list of permitted items. But ketchup, snacks and mayonnaise, for example, which are now permitted, are not essential items that will genuinely change the situation. If construction materials are allowed in, change will be felt quickly. But if the change focuses only on secondary consumer goods, it will have no effect.

Hey, here's a radical idea: Hamas could, rather than spend milions on brainwashing children, divert that money to feeding them. And since Hamas controls the smuggling-tunnels used to bring in everything from cars to electronics, maybe priority could be given to food for children. Unfortunately for kiddies, more money is to be made on luxury items.


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