Monday, June 21, 2010

Twit terminated

Work related problems for a lefty who likes – it's something of a fetish – "to get things off [his] chest":

The associate editor of News Custom Publishing at Herald & Weekly Times, David Bonnici, lost his job last week after a series of highly inappropriate comments on Twitter were discovered by management.

Having modelled his online persona – Club Wah – on that of the irreverent, cutting-edge Grods Corp crew it's no surprise that Bonnici has gotten himself into trouble. And like Grods, Club Wah has suddenly vanished, perhaps, also like Grods, so that the most embarrassing posts and all of the comments can be removed and the blog later reposted. But given Bonnici's penchant for using f***tard, c**t and the like there'd be precious little to put back online.

A representative screen grab from Google cache:

Unfortunately for Bonnici, some of the f***wits reading his journalistic output were his bosses.


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