Monday, June 28, 2010

Hamas, Gaza's democratically elected government, and don't you forget it

A bank withdrawal Bonnie and Clyde-style:

Hamas forces seized $16,000 on Sunday from a Gaza bank that had frozen the funds as part of an anti-money laundering campaign launched by the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.
A senior official at the Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) said Hamas police took the cash from tellers at gunpoint.

And more democratically elected Hamas governing:

Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has been a bonanza for Palestine Food Industries Co., the only functioning juice maker in the Gaza Strip, with sales increasing ten-fold as the embargo kept out competition.

Now, as Israel relaxes its restrictions, the company has joined fellow manufacturers including Pepsi-Cola bottlers Yazegi Group in demanding that Hamas protect local industries and refuse imports of juice, soda and snack foods. Officials of the Islamic movement have heeded the calls and are barring entry of such items as Israeli grapefruit juice and potato chips.

It's all in the people's best interests.


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