Sunday, August 08, 2010

How to blog like a pro

Since I'm a mere hobby blogger with a modest audience there's no point in me giving any blogging tips, so the following ideas have been lifted from someone who writes for a living.

First, find someone else's work either worthy of criticism or of further dissemination.

Second, isolate a catchy excerpt – 1,862 words out of 3,000 will do.

Third, include a link to an irrelevant or tangentially related article (or two).

Fourth, add 36 finely crafted words of your own.

Voilà, you're a professional blogger; interview requests and writing gig offers will now pour in.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...


Five: Pretend to be Jewish. Come on JF. You're just as qualified! And you probably know more...

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Dogs Breakfast said...

Hey there's an Australian novelist that writes like a 14 year old boy wanking to science fiction and war fantasy that's an international bestseller - so why not a blogger that writes like an 11 year old girl without even the grammar and spelling skills?

If you get the populist zeitgeist and apparently look like a gothic creep this appears to work to some degree. Whatever that is.

Or maybe just in his own conceited trashpile of a mind. He seems to think he's an Ozzie Chomsky. This is good for humour

4:02 PM  

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