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'Brutal' Jew lashing as bad as death by stoning

Upon conviction by a rabbinic court of performing for a mixed male and female audience singer Erez Yechiel received 39 "lashes" with a leather "whip". Video shows Yerchiel – in the reflection in the glass cabinet door at the right – receiving "lashes" unlikely to draw so much as whimper from a three-year-old girl. Yet Antony Loewenstein would have us believe that an obviously symbolic punishment, to which Yechiel voluntarily submitted, is the equal of death by stoning.


Anonymous Sick to death said...

Lowerspleen is a whiny girl with nothing to do except make up stories where none exist.

He is a completely self obsessed narcissistic moron who in his spare time tries multiple poses to see which is remote stomach-able for a new publicity shot.

Any photo that doesn't make him look like a estrogen soaked weakly smiling with that effeminate 'I'm not that sure of myself but I crave attention' look he unconsciously aims for.

Oh yes - I think he is mentally ill on available evidence.

Because anyone that compares this to a stoning is in fact undeniably insane.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

Instead of comparing this lashing to stoning, you'd be better of having a look at this instead:


An IDF henchmen is acquitted (by his own military) of the murder of a school girl, who had the temerity to venture within 100 metres of an IDF post. The transcript in the link makes perfectly clear that the soldier was well aware that he was murdering a child.

But then again, Beck and Lewis applaud when school children have 17 bullets pumped into them. After all, they're freedom fighters, and the only good Arab is a dead one.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

Hi Joffe!!! Every army has an asshole - but bear in mind when you are dealing with a population group with a cultural mentality that uses children and pregnant women as suicide bomb delivery devices on a REGULAR basis its not beyond reason that some twit sees no room for leeway.

I see you make no mention of the assassination of four jews yesterday by Hamas - and openly and proudly claimed by Hamas (that would be the government of 'Palestine') as their work. A government assassination of civilians.

Lets give these people a State!!

Nice try at deflection though dumbass!!

PS Lowenstein is a joke. Even to other extreme leftists.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"Sick to Death" - in addition to Hamas sending pregnant women to blow themselves up, you forgot to add that one of the Jewish women murdered yesterday, was pregnant. The Palestinians have been (literally) dancing in the streets since the murder.

No Israeli (including the guy that pulled the trigger) is celebrating the death of that child. That is the difference between a society which values life (even the life of people sworn on their destruction) versus a culture which worships death.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

but bear in mind when you are dealing with a population group with a cultural mentality that uses children and pregnant women as suicide bomb delivery devices on a REGULAR basis its not beyond reason that some twit sees no room for leeway.


It's been years since Hamas sent a suicide bomber to kill anybody, IN the meantime, the IDF have murdered hundreds of civilians. Thousands if we include secondary deaths caused by the blockade. The 'cultural mentality' here is one that derives from displacement, and mass rape and murder in 1948. None of this is contested history - pro-occupation, Israeli historians like Benny Morris agree that Israel was founded on the vilest of ethnic cleansing. Since then, they've occupied and brutalised Palestinian Arabs. The latter have legitimate cause for grievance, no?

No Israeli (including the guy that pulled the trigger) is celebrating the death of that child. That is the difference between a society which values life (even the life of people sworn on their destruction) versus a culture which worships death.

Actually, there's footage on You Tube of Israelis celebrating murder and torture of Palestinians. Your 'life-affirming' culture is the most militarised in the world, and basically survives only through parasitism of the US. But all this you know. Your basically a reverse racist. Your views are identical to those of the Nazis, except you substitute 'Jews' for 'Aryans', and 'Arabs' for 'Jews'. You're basically a sick puppy.
In any event, you might wish to take a break from hunting down the Untermenschen 24/7. Have a shave, a shower, and a meal, and stop blogging about Antony Loewenstein for a few hours. Trust me, you'll feel better for it.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

Hi Joffe!!

"It's been years since Hamas sent a suicide bomber to kill anybody"

No it's been years since Hamas **successfully** sent a suicide bomber to kill.

That's because they are idiots who cant channel their energy into productive activity and choose to adopt a cloak of victimhood and grievance theatre and sacrifice their kids to hatred instead because of their idiocy and dented pride.

Of course Joffe you immediately call anyone who objects to the collective mental illness known as Hamas, 'nazi's' and 'racists' which is a reflexive fallback for a leftist who has no argument.

because you guys already know that the culture of Hamas and similar groups means elimination of any race or creed that disagrees with their views - including political freedom, religious freedom, gay rights, feminism, and in fact anything the west and Israel still protect. In short Joffe, if Hamas ( and their puritan brothers the Taliban ) got their way in the world, I'm sure you'd be one of the first to be twisting in the breeze.

Sort of ironic isnt it that you call israel and its defenders nazi's, yet the people YOU defend commit daily atrocities and violent repression that make the Nazi's look like buddhist monks smoking good weed.

In short Joffe - no offence - you are a staggering moral relativist and essentially a moron.

Good company I guess for 'writers' (ROTFLMAO) like zombie boy, the self promoting intellectual.

What's his Amazon ranking this week?

All the best knobhead

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

And Joffe while your'e at it - sick cultures like Hamas, the Taliban, and fundamentalist ideologies are not "races" or specific ethnic groups, and there is no DNA, pheno or genotypes involved. It's their psychology - not their double helix that's at fault. If you had a rudimentary high school education, you wouldn't need to be told.

Best to Ant.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"Actually, there's footage on You Tube of Israelis celebrating murder and torture of Palestinians."

Link please. I would like to see footage of Israelis "Celebrating murder and torture of Palestinians".

I'll wait.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

Of course Joffe you immediately call anyone who objects to the collective mental illness known as Hamas, 'nazi's' and 'racists' which is a reflexive fallback for a leftist who has no argument.

The aptly-named STD is getting very defensive here. I did not call all of Israel's defenders 'Nazis', but those who make sweeping statements about 'Arab psychology' and 'Palestinian cultural mentality' do indeed share their epistemology with Hitler's crew.

here is the result of five seconds Googling, leading to an article listing over a dozen *serious* suicide attacks, which were thwarted. Care to retract your comment?

Your link refers to attempted attacks in 2001. As I said, Hamas has not launched a suicide attack in years.

When you hear the Palestinian Lobby bitching about all the Palestinians in Israeli prisons, you should consider that maybe, just maybe, they aren't in there for traffic violations.

Maybe you could likewise consider that IDF thugs aren't shooting little girls for humanitarian reasons.

Moreover, if you are truly that concerned about Palestinians being murdered, you might care to tell us how you feel about the fact that in 2008 more Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians, than by Israel.

It's a shame your missionary zeal is not matched by any commensurate logic. Irrespective of how many murders occur within Palestine (and I doubt your claims are true in any case), it will never justify IDF theft, occupation, murder and thuggery. There are lots of murders in Colombia that are also unremarked upon, but that doesn't mean the world would turn a blind eye to an invasion by the US or Russia.

As a hypothethical question, Dan, are there any IDF actions whatsoever that you condemn? Any at all?

And secondly, what evidence would be required to demonstrate to you that the occupation of Palestine is a bad thing? Can you spell it out? If no such evidence would ever convince you, then we can safely conclude that you and STD are merely bigoted cranks on a religious mission, and nothing more.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

Hi Joffe!!

I'm religious like a fish rides a bicycle!! So the mission's off!!

Your Hamas buddies on the other hand......

but I guess every fanatic fundamentalist group needs a cadre of useful idiots. Well done. You fit the bill.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

No Dan, you're wrong again.

These clips might refresh your selective memory:



Dan Lewis - in favour of race war against Arabs, Holy War against Muslims, and in favour of Jewish supremacism in the Middle East.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

I note that STD and Dan Lewis also refused to answer my question, about what sort of evidence would be needed to persuade them of wrongdoing by the IDF. I take this as a tacit but clear concession that their support of Israeli is not based on any evidence, and is merely braindead, bigoted tribalism.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

Hi Joffe!!

When the IDF stuffs up its usually 1./ a mistake 2./ an unrepresentative dimwit which every nation has a few of.

Like yourself for instance.

In the case of Hamas it is a permanent policy of deliberate targeting of civilians - preferably women and children because its easier for them - and deliberate repression of human rights - OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE as well as their stated and enshrined aim of extermination of the jews - you know - JUST LIKE THE NAZIS.

So these are the people you admire and defend Joffe.

You must have very low values.

"braindead, bigoted tribalism"

Hmm - that's an excellent example of projection, Joffe.

Now go away and have a little think about that Joffe, I know its a little complex but have a go.

Good luck.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

When the IDF stuffs up its usually 1./ a mistake 2./ an unrepresentative dimwit which every nation has a few of.

You've been thoroughly bested in argument, STD, so it doesn't surprise me that you throw a few lame insults.
In any event, the logic of occupation and expansionism is such that IDF atrocities are not mere 'mistakes', but entirely consistent with colonial policy.

Now, perhaps you and Dan 'Jews for genocide' Lewis could see fit to answer my quite reasonable question.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

"see fit to answer my quite reasonable question"

Which one is that "Joffe"? the question as to why you and your ilk support genocidal maniacs like Hamas who repress their own population to the point of mass murder and target Israeli civilians to support their lunatic political ideology?

No I can't answer that one but maybe your therapist can.

Good luck for the next decade

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

My questions were posed in the comment above (7.28).

I haven't mentioned any support for Hamas. You, on the other hand, seem to be struggling in vain for excuses to justify your support of IDF atrocities. What is it about occupation, theft and murder that floats your boat, STD?

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...


You continue to demonstrate your willingness to believe anything about the Jews. Let's consider that video you offered, where you so snidely remarked: "These clips might refresh your selective memory:


The heading of that video, is "Israelis Celebrate The Murder of 20 Civilians on Gaza Aid Flotilla".

The video doesn't really show anything other than what appears to be a typical Israeli protest demo. It is hardly a celebration. Missing a bit of context, wouldn't you say?

But let's keep analysing it. Let's leave aside for the moment the fact that none of those killed on the flotilla were exactly sitting around singing Kumbaya, when they were brutally "murdered" by Israel death warriors. They were in fact engaged in combat.

However regardless of your opinion on what they were doing at the time, the fact is, only nine people were killed aboard the flotilla.


Not twenty, as the headline says in the video to which you linked. Apparently that video was a "response" to another Youtube video, also suggesting that 20 people were "murdered" by Israel.

Isn't it amazing the way Palestinians lie, and then people like you continue to spread that lie? Goebbels would be proud of you, Joffe.

So, that's your first video and you haven't really proved much, have you?

Particularly when I contrast it with the imagery I provided, of Palestinians openly celebrating the deliberate murder of four people, including a heavily pregnant woman, shot at close range.

Let's keep going then. This ought to be good.

Your second video starts with the comment "israel did 9/11,just search on youtube." [sic]

Already off to a good start!

The rest of the video, is some disjointed, hastily cut together (and misspelled) captions and some random Israeli protest.

Presumably they were all cheering the "murder" of what was it? 20, 100? A billion "peace activists" aboard the MArvi Marmara? Give us a break. Your "peace activists" were armed with knives, iron clubs, firearms and were going to kill the soldiers, who simply responded.

Once again, a stark contrast from Hamas terrorists shooting a pregnant woman, in her own car. Sadly you apply some moral equivalence here and can't see the difference.

I'm really not sure what your point is, but you're obviously convinced you've made it, so good for you, Joffe.

Apropos your other suggestion I support "genocide", not only is it so offensive it barely warrants a reply, it also doesn't reconcile with basic facts. Namely, if the Palestinians are the victims of "genocide', how is it that their annual birthrate is hundreds of times higher than the total number of Palestinians killed in the last 60 years? In fact more Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians in 2008 than by Israel. They can't even live in peace amongst themselves, they are such a violent death cult.

So if Israel is committing genocide, it would have to be the most incompetent, embarrassingly pissweak "Genocide" in the history of mankind.

Either that or you are lying. On past form, it's pretty obvious which.

Have I answered your "questions" yet mate? Quick! Better come up with some more strawmen to excuse your dishonesty and support for Jihad.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"It was a show of support for the killing of civilians on the ship."

At the very second someone becomes a combatant, they can't pretend they are an innocent civilian. "Civilians" don't run around clubbing people with iron bars or trying to cave in their skulls.

Civilians are people like the pregant Jewish woman and her three friends, who were sitting in their car minding their own business, when they were murdered by Islamists.

Whereas, a number of those you regard as "civilians" aboard the Marvi Marmara had clearly stated their desire for martyrdom.

"You're now trying to refute my points by citing anonymous commenters on YouTube? LOL."

I did mention it in passing. It's interesting how some 'stories' seem to attract hardcore anti-Semites. As I recall, I also mentioned the gross factual inaccuracy of your chosen Youtube clip. A demonstrable falsehood you are yet to acknowledge. No real surprise there.

"If you're upset at the use of the word 'genocide', perhaps we can use 'ethnic cleansing' instead."

Joffe, if you're going to lie, what difference does it make what term you use? Why not "mass murder" or "baby eating".

The only "ethnic cleansing" has in fact been the total removal of Jews from Gaza. Whereas there are well over a million Arabs living in Israel proper, there is not a single Jew in Gaza. Well, except Gilad Shalit who has been kidnapped by your Hamas mates, and kept in isolation, inaccessible to the Red Cross or anybody else.

Even pro-occupation historians like Benny Morris are clear that Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing,

Really? You sure about that?

Benny Morris said: "There was no Zionist 'plan' or blanket policy of evicting the Arab population, or of 'ethnic cleansing'" and that "the demonisation of Israel is largely based on lies—much as the demonisation of the Jews during the past 2,000 years has been based on lies. And there is a connection between the two."

Congratulations, Joffe. Even your own chosen source would think you're a liar. Impressive!

It's charming to note, however, that like most supremacists, you're offended even when Palestinians give birth.

Like most liars, you're happy to say whatever you want. Unfortunately, like most morons, you make it too easy to disprove it. Go ahead and quote where I suggested that. I simply made the numeric point that you are a liar. Genocide (your blood libel and false accusation) doesn't reconcile with an exponential birthrate. Sorry.

Time to stop supporting Jihadists mate. You just look silly.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

THR was regarded as one of the biggest trolls at Catallaxy.

He's apparently set up shop here as "Joffe" now.

Aren't we lucky?

Different sockpuppet, same bullshit.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Joffe said...

"Civilians" don't run around clubbing people with iron bars or trying to cave in their skulls.

In response to commandoes trying to shoot them?

As for Benny Morris:

There are circumstances in history that justify ethnic cleansing. I know that this term is completely negative in the discourse of the 21st century, but when the choice is between ethnic cleansing and genocide - the annihilation of your people - I prefer ethnic cleansing."

And that was the situation in 1948?

"That was the situation. That is what Zionism faced. A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on."


None of this is news. It's settled history. But not for Dan 'the denialist' Lewis.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Sick to death said...

Hi Joffe!!

My goodness you are a brainwashed fanatic!

Drink the Koolaid!!

counterpunch.org ? Tell me thats a joke (?)....

See ya mung bean

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

In response to commandoes trying to shoot them?

Yes Joffe. That's what really happened. The Marvi Marmara activists were standing there, smoking ciggies and having a chat about Ghandi, when the eeeevil Jeeeew commandoes fast-roped onto the deck and opened fire for no reason whatsoever.

It was only when that happened that the activists quickly pulled out angle grinders, removed railings from the deck of the ship, forged some knives in the ship's onboard furnace and stared sharpening kitchen utensils. All in the blink of an eye.

Clearly, everything they did was purely a reaction to the Israelis, who had opened fire even before the doors of the helicopter were open.

That also explains why "activists" were shot on all six boats of the flotilla. Hundreds of them actually, not just the nine of them which is the number being spread by eeeevil Jewish controlled media.

Is that about your recall of the events? Probably.

Unfortunately for you, there's plenty of video from BOTH sides which shows that once again, you are full of shit. Is that now a dozen times in a single thread?

What a shame that the sum total of your 'support' for Palestinians seems to involve vilifying Jews. It is that habit which has prevented the Palestinians from forming a worthwhile society. If only they (and you) would start taking a hard look at the Arabs, instead of the Jews, it might help them improve.

7:26 AM  

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