Tuesday, November 02, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

It looks like Melbourne barrister Jeremy Sear and significant other Keri James will take the plunge in 2011. Jeremy does have a thing for tarts.


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And he's going to Vanuatu to get hitched? Surely as a committed Green that would be hypocritical?

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Well he's getting hitched there because the law here says he's not allowed to marry a man.
Of course he's no wish to marry a man, but if he did he wouldn't be allowed to.

The thing is that he's not allowed to marry a man in Vanuatu either and the law he quotes clearly says that a husband and a wife are he and she respectively.

Of course there are exceptions. A girl called Keri James is heading to Vanuatu at the same time to marry another girl.

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Supergenius commenter ROBJ in the linked post:-
And yes, we’ll be flying there by plane. (ZOMG THE HYPOCRISY.)”
How else are you supposed to get there?

I can think of a few more examples of non-hypocrisy, ROB J style:

Al Gore buys another mansion, this time with 9 bathrooms.
- How else are you supposed to take a piss?

Al Gore uses 20 times more energy than the average American household.
- How else are you supposed run a home office?

I hear that Michael Mann’s temperature record model will produce a hockey stick if the input data is white noise.
- How else are you suppose to prove global warming?

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