Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Assange: No conspiracy, just spurned women making bogus charges

Julian Assange's lawyer in Sweden, Bjorn Hurtig, having read court documents, knows what's behind the allegations of sexual impropriety and it's certainly not political pressure from the United States, or any other country:
Hurtig told the Mail on Sunday: "From what I have read, it is clear that the women are lying and that they had an agenda when they went to the police, which had nothing to do with a crime having taken place.

"It was, I believe, more about jealousy and disappointment on their part. I can prove that at least one of them had very big expectations for something to happen with Julian."
Hurtig admits that there is no evidence of a "conspiracy" to get his client. A Swedish legal scholar agrees:
Hans Eklund, a law professor in criminal law at Uppsala University, believes much of the speculation about supposed ulterior motives on the part of the Swedish prosecutor likely comes from a misunderstanding of the Swedish legal system.

“There is no political conspiracy in the way the judiciary has handled this case,” Eklund told The Local.

“That’s totally absurd, just ridiculous. Something taken from thin air.”
It is thus clear that Hurtig is attempting to smear Assange's accusers, as so often happens in such cases – women aiming for revenge have made bogus allegations.

Wikileaks, Assange and his lawyer, women haters the lot of them.


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