Sunday, January 09, 2011

Activists assaulted, almost

The lurid headline Sea Shepherd Repels Assaults from the Yushin Maru No. 2 and the Yushin Maru No. 3 is followed by this description of a non-event:
Anticipating that the whalers might attack a stationary Gojira, the Steve Irwin readied a Delta boat. Upon orders from Captain Paul Watson, the Delta crew set out to turn the approaching whaler away. The Delta crew headed towards the harpooner at full speed getting ready to deploy a prop fouler. This caused the whaling vessel to make an abrupt turn to port. The Delta pursued the fleeing Yushin Maru No. 2 for 11 miles delivering a dozen stink bombs onto the deck of the whaler before returning back to the Steve Irwin.

Meanwhile, pilot Chris Aultman had landed his helicopter on the Bob Barker some 75 miles to the south along the ice edge of the Ross Sea. The Yushin Maru No. 2 made a move to push through the ice to approach the Bob Barker with the objective of turning their water cannon onto the helicopter. Aultman was able to get his helicopter airborne before the harpooner closed in. The Bob Barker then turned to confront the whaler, causing the whaler to turn and flee back through the ice.
The only aggression was from the SS vigilantes.


Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Unbelievable these twats; and they’re allowed to play with actual ships and a real helicopter while ‘delivering stink bombs’? Surely they must be breaking some laws with this childish yet dangerous behaviour. Even reading their own very biased reporting is enough to make me shudder – God only knows what the reality is.

I do know one thing though, I’ve never given the slightest thought to what whale meat tastes like – but every time hear of Captain Watson I get the urge for whale kebabs. Well done Sea Shepherd, a real PR triumph…

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

I suspect men who spend their entire career gutting whales, aren't exactly frightened about a bit of stink...

Also, while Sea Shepherd are convinced the Japanese boat was variously chasing their helicopter, or fleeing from them, I suspect the Japanese boats were simply chasing whales.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

"....deploy a prop fouler...."

So these clowns were preparing to launch something that would damage or stop the propeller of another ship.

OK, chalk that up as already one crime as per the international maritime law.

Now, if said device had worked as desired, what could have happened?

Firstly, if the whale-chaser were running at speed, the propeller could be seriously damaged.

Not only that, but the engine and / or gearbox could be damaged or destroyed.

Worse than that, the prop shaft could be distorted and the bearings damaged.

But wait, there's more! If the rear bearings were damaged, it is more than likely that the sealing gland that keeps the ocean out of the ship would be "compromised".

Hey presto, one sinking ship, with no power to run the pumps.

This, boys and girls, is PIRACY.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

Yes Bruce, I was concerned also by the mention of 'deploying a prop fouler' but didn't have your obvious knowledge of things nautical. That really is outrageous behaviour on the high seas when safety must surely be number one priority.
I'll display my ignorance again and ask, is this area some sort of no man's land where maritime law does not apply? Why are these morons not being prosecuted?

6:09 PM  

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