Monday, January 03, 2011

"Gay" XO videos

The former second in command of the USS Enterprise, and now its captain, is in deep strife for producing politically incorrect videos:
The videos resemble something a college fraternity could have put together as a joke and posted on YouTube. There are scenes showing women showering together, frequent sexual references and a number of antigay slurs and vulgarities.

But instead of a college joke or an amateur YouTube production, the videos — created about four years ago and now becoming public — appear to be the work of a man who is currently the commanding officer of the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise, based in Norfolk and weeks away from deploying. The man, Capt. Owen Honors, reportedly not only orchestrated the making of the raunchy videos, but also starred in them and filmed them aboard the Enterprise with government equipment while the carrier was deployed during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The videos, are variously described as "raunchy", "lewd" "sex" videos and "raunchy lesbian shower videos", the latter description by Gawker, which cautions potential viewers:
Warning: they are boring.
Hmm, boring yet raunchy lesbian shower videos. Impossible. In fact, the videos are pretty much "gay" – as in lame – and not at all what you'd expect from all the hype. Decide for yourself whether the uproar is warranted.


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