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An intimate conversation: Dr Helen Caldicott interviews Antony Loewenstein

There is no better way to start off the new year than listening to Lefty wackos talk for an hour, so grab a cold drink – preferably one containing lots of ethanol – lean back, put your feet up, click the link and marvel at the "truths" revealed as Dr Helen Caldicott interviews non-authority (pick a subject, any subject) Antony Loewenstein.

It's hilarity from the start, Caldicott introducing Loewenstein as a renowned international journalist and the media spokesman for the campaign to defend Wikileaks, a heretofore unheard of group. Caldicott then trendily describes Wikileaks revealations – in hip, 1960s lingo – as "major, major big". The next notably laughable moment comes as Caldicott wishes for a Wikileaks clarification of what really happened on 9/11:
Caldicott: You know what occurred to me the other day as I was pondering this whole thing, Antony? What is some of the, uh, cables start revealing, uh, the truth about government thinking about 9/11?

Loewenstein: Well that's a veryinteresting question. Uh, yes, most of the documents that have been released are generally for the last two or three years but some of the documents go back to 1966. There's a little bit of stuff about, um, Indonesia and East Timor and the 70s. Thus far at least, and we say only 1% of documents have been released, there may well be stuff about 9/11. There may well be stuff about the Iraq war. Many people I know are interested to find out the intimate details about the run up to the Iraq war, the Afghan war and, potentially, which many of us fear, another war, a war against Iran.

Caldicott: Well, I mean, if 9/11 documents were released that would put the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak. I mean, there's a huge amount that we don't know.

Loewenstein: Absolutely.

Caldicott: And that was covered up and could have huge political ramifications in the United States.
Caldicott then asks her guest to give some background on Julian Assange. Loewenstein provides a summary gleaned from Wikipedia but does reveal that he was invited to sit on on the Wikileaks' board but this "never got off the ground". Assange is obviously smarter than we thought.

Anyway, I stopped listening at 15:00 with 44:00 minutes remaining – there was something important needed doing but I can't remember what it was. If anyone can be bothered listening to the whole thing please post in comments anything important I missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I followed your link Beck I have lost almost an hour of my life and will possibly suffer post traumatic stress disorder in the realization that there are university educated morons about that are this monumentally stupid and full of hate, so blinded by bias they can't see reality staring them in the face.

How the f$#% can this Caldicott harpy be asking about 9/11 conspiracies in wikileaks when they are clearly not there. What the f%$# is the insanity gripping these people?

I despair for the world that gives total pompous narcissists like this oxygen to foment hatred against democracy.

There I feel better for the vent. But not much because there are many more lunatics like this still functioning and leading privileged lives on the sweat and toil of normal people.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

caldicott - lunatic

lowenstein - self aggrandizing loser

seems to be a match made in heaven

7:24 PM  
Anonymous thefrollickingmole said...

About on par with Harry Potter and "he who must not be named"... Except theirs is "the conspiracy which cant be named".

Both are too weak to come out and actually be the conspiracy cranks they obviously are..

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9/11 and Israel, here:

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

There is little funnier than listening to Leftists interview each other - the 'absolutely's and 'self evident's were tripping over each other. In fact it seems 'self evident' is one of Lowenstein's favourite phrases.

A few highlights:

Caldicott airily dismisses the rape charges against Assange by saying if all politicians were charged with rape we'd have no governments (???). She supports this peculiar claim by saying "I was propositioned very time I went to Washington. Power is an aphrodisisac I suppose".

Lowenstein doesn't even want to speak the name of Beelzebub: "I hate to say... (significant pause), Sarah Palin". Both shudder (which is difficult on radio, but they somehow succeeded).

Wikileaks source Private Manning is described as "a hero and possibly the most patriotic man in the US today".

Caldicott introduces the term 'interdigitate' and then tries out a few conjugations. She apparently thinks it means 'communicate'. Never having heard the word before I looked it up to find it is a medical term meaning to 'interlock the fingers of both hands'. Probably not a word I'll be peppering my converstaions with.

She finishes by warning that the human race is now entering new territory and quickly adds that all other species are too (can't overlook those other species; one wouldn't want to be seen as 'speciest').

All in all it's quite amusing, nothing really hilarious though. I woke up at 3am with bad reflux and had nothing else to do..

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

I woke up at 3am with bad reflux and had nothing else to do..

I suppose if you're already bringing up the contents of your stomach...

8:03 AM  

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