Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hacking hoax

Confronted with the evidence, Jeremy Sear belatedly admits that his hacking claim was based on delusions of persecution rather than on fact but can't resist further delusional speculation and age-based innuendo:
Didn’t occur to me to do this, but one of the people with an intense detail [WTF? – ed.] in the minutiae of this blog and my life in general has suggested checking the wayback machine, which reveals that the error was there probably from when I first typed the blogroll link. Sitting there, pointing to a vacant wordpress blog that the hoaxer – after trawling through all my links in case there was one he could take advantage of – eventually used.

That’s a relief – the thought the hoaxer had been tinkering around inside my WordPress account doing god-knows-what was rather disturbing.

So: it appears there was no hacking – just a very old URL error that one of my bizarrely dedicated followers (what did you do today, dear/lonely old man next door? I went through every detail of some Victorian barrister’s weblog to see if I could find something to abuse him with! My life has meaning!) took full advantage of until I fixed it.
Or it could be that an Anonymous Lefty reader, in researching something at the site, clicked on the original Blair/Bolt Watch link supplied by Jeremy only to be led to a nonexistent blog. But even if someone went "trawling though" all of Jeremy's "by me" links this wouldn't exactly be a big chore since there are only six links to click on.

And notice how Jeremy belittles his "bizarrely dedicated" "stalker" – me – as an "old man"? Then there's his "abuse" complaint, which fits in perfectly with his bogus claims to be the victim of "stalking" and "hacking".

This is but more of Jeremy's pathetic attention seeking – hey look at me, some pathetic old man with no life is obsessively stalking me, abusing me and hacked my blog (or knows who did) and is being mean to me in general; it just isn't fair.

It's time for Jeremy to grow a pair.


Anonymous Lattecat said...

As opposed to a lonely old barrister obsessively trawling through Andrew Bolt's for five or more years to find anything to attack him, or his wife (wasn't she the first woman to be criticized on PP?), I suppose.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous spot said...

He still hasn't seen fit to let my response to his latest dishonesty out of "moderation" yet. He himself has made more comments on that thread since my comment was submitted, but no dice yet.

What a tool.

Posted 23 March, 2011 at 12:53 pm | CLICK:

And I've used Wordpress for years - despite what he'll try to claim, it is NOT exactly easy to miss comments that are sitting in the "waiting for approval" queue. Every time you go to your control panel, a reminder that this comment is waiting for him to tick "approve" or "trash" is right there in your face.

Come on, Jeremy. It's obvious that you read the comments here, because that's where you pinched my Wayback link from. So man up already and let my comment through. And if you're really feeling ballsy, also get your girlfriend to apologise for spreading lies about me - someone whom, till now, has more or less left you alone.

Jeez louise, what a pair of eejits.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a must read about Smear's stalking hypocrisy:

5:12 PM  

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