Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pure Poison podcast 15: 50 minutes of Lefty spin

In the latest Pure Poison podcast, PP boy Dave Gaukroger finds it "churlish" that conservative commentators dismissed "out of hand" death threats allegedly received by MP Tony Windsor. Gaukroger goes "out on a limb" in predicting there's more to these "death threats" than we know. Well, there would have to be a lot more to the threats if they are to be considered as threats on Windsor's life: "You die. You die you f---ing c--t" from a nut-job is not actually a death threat.

Dave and sidekick Jeremy Sear then allege that conservative columnists Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Piers Akerman dispense over-the-top, vitriolic commentary to intentionally incite vocal right-wing nut-jobs. The PP boyz can think of no-one on the Left other than Catherine Deveny engaging in such vitriolic commentary, but Deveny doesn't count anyway since she's a cutting-edge comedienne.

Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella is similarly taken to task for allegedly going over the top in comparing Julia Gillard to Libya's Muammar Gaddifi, Gaukroger sidekick Jeremy Sear noting that Gillard, unlike Gaddifi, is not "having fighter jets fly over her enemies houses and bomb them". Neither PP boy quotes Mirabella, whose unquoted comparison is rather less dramatic than the PP boyz lead their listeners to think:
If Ms Gillard believes Australians want to pay higher electricity and higher petrol prices, she is deluded as Colonel my-people-love-me Gaddafi.
Okay, that's it for this week's extended length 50 minute Pure Poison podcast: I stopped listening 30 minutes into it. If you can stomach listening to the whole thing, feel free to post in comments anything I missed.

On a related topic, Jeremy earlier in the week had a big Lefty sad about a U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the free speech right of religious zealots to protest at the funerals of American soldiers. As it turns out, barrister Jeremy was wrong about the substance of the case and now grudgingly admits that the court's decision "seems consistent and not unreasonable". Rather than follow Sear standard operating procedure in stealthily altering his original post, Jeremy admits his error. The PP boy is maturing into a man.

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Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

There are people like Salman Rushdie, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsii Ali, who genuinely risk death for airing their views. They seldom talk about threats or the effect they have on their life, as to do so would give succour to their enemy,

Then there are people like Antony Loewenstein and Tony Windsor, who use death threats as a PR tool or to attract sympathy. A badge of honour.

Needless to say, they aren't exactly checking under their car every morning, and these "threats" are about as dangerous as being flipped off at a set of traffic lights.

What a bunch of drama queens.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Chopper would say; Harden TFU Tony.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans care very, very much about Jeremy's opinions on our country.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Free Citizen said...

Anon above is correct. Our US Supreme Court Justices generally wait until they hear from Wally J Sear before they write their opinions. That they didn't this time was a travesty, and my fellow Americans will be most upset.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

"... Jeremy admits his error. "
Can we have him checked for consumption of controlled narcotic substances, possibly to excess?


12:12 PM  

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