Monday, April 04, 2011

Jews and Zionists the same

Never one to miss a promotional opportunity in his quest to make it big as a journalist and thus escape the intellectual backwater that is Australia, Antony Loewenstein habitually links at his blog to even the most minor media exposure. It is therefore exceedingly odd that Loewenstein is yet to link to his second New Matilda article in a week.

There is indeed something strange going on here. Loewenstein reckons he didn't misquote Greens candidate and presumptive Balmain victor Jamie Parker:
I stand by my article and Parker’s quotes and I have the notes to back this up.
Any written notes Loewenstein has prove nothing, of course, Andrew Landeryou speculating that Loewenstein has an "audio recording" of his Parker interview.

It doesn't really matter who's telling the truth here, however, because from any angle it's clear that not just Zionists but Jews are being targeted as subverting democratic processes in Australia. It's almost as if the Left sees Jews as a monolithic political bloc that supports Israel at all costs. This is no more fair than subscribing to the delusion that all Muslims are terrorists.

Update Loewenstein belatedly links to his latest New Matilda piece, which he aptly describes as "My following story". Story as in fairytale. (By the way, the delay in the second New Matilda article can almost certainly be attributed to the extensive editing required to make Loewenstein's mangled writing understandable.)


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