Friday, May 06, 2011

The only thing we have to fear...

In Doug Cameron's speech on the future of the Australian Labor Party, he said:
In the next year or so, overcoming the politics of fear and disinformation on climate change and mining taxation will be fundamental to the short term political future of the Party.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard, trying to promote her Carbon Dioxide tax accused Tony Abbot similarly:
"All of these figures have been made up by the leader of the opposition in pursuit of his fear campaign," Ms Gillard responded.
Excuse me?

Complaining about a new tax, which Ms Gillard said she wouldn't introduce, and which hasn't been properly costed (nor proven to have any real effect) is not a fear campaign.

Telling kids that the world will end. Now that's a fear campaign. And it's already contributing to mental illness in youth, with young kids feeling guilty for daring to sit with the lights on.
Last year a 17-year-old boy in Melbourne became the world's first person to be diagnosed with "climate change delusion".

Dr Robert Salo at the Royal Children's Hospital reported that his patient believed his water consumption would deplete water supplies, leading to the deaths of millions of people, and that he had internet research to prove this.

He had attempted to stop drinking and checked for leaking taps to prevent the catastrophe.
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The boy had a major depressive disorder with delusions specifically relating to climate change.
There are many more people with delusions specifically relating to climate change. They just haven't been diagnosed yet.

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