Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh dear...

Looks like Antony Loewenstein has fallen for a hoax. Not for the first time either.
Finally, after decades, some honesty from the Murdoch king
screams young Antony's headline. He then follows it by a 'full page advertisement', entirely unlike the one Rupert Murdoch actually placed in a number of UK newspapers.

You'd think lines like "We're sorry we got caught" and contact details offering "more information about all the appalling things we've been involved in" might have tipped Antony off it was a hoax parody? Apparently not. Disappointing for such a media hotshot. Clearly he's inexperienced in recognising apologies and corrections, having never ever issued one himself.

Not that I expect Antony to actually respond (he barely ever responds to his critics) but if he even tries to claim he was being witty, his would have to be the most awkward attempt at humour I've seen in a long time. Well, since his last book.

What an idiot. Still considered good enough for 'our ABC'.

Update: He's also in hot demand at Al-Jazeera according to this report in the ever-popular Green Left Weekly:
Independent journalist Antony Loewenstein told Al Jazeera on July 8: “Clearly the problem is not so much the staff that worked for the paper, although clearly some staff transgressed and broke laws. The issue is more the direction the newspaper organisation has from the top, from Murdoch down.”

Murdoch is renowned for using his media empire to bully and pressure politicians and governments. This has led pro-corporate politicians all over the world to ingratiate themselves to Murdoch.

Loewenstein told Al Jazeera: “What you’ve seen over the last two or three decades in Australia [from] both sides of politics, a bipartisan agreement that Murdoch should have more and more power, to the point now where there is virtually no transparency between his empire and the political elites.”

The irony of calling for Western media transparency on an Islamic news channel appears lost on Loewenstein.

He then goes on to make completely baseless claims about the behaviour of the Australian media. Like he'd know...

As Joe Hildebrand said, "Don't hate the media just because you can't get a job in it Antony".

"Independent journalist" does sound better than "unemployed", doesn't it?



Anonymous HRT said...

"The irony of calling for Western media transparency on an Islamic news channel appears lost on Loewenstein." Yes indeed.

Western magazines were available in Saudi while I was there. But, if they contained anything critical of Islam or Saudi the offending piece was blacked out or the page(s) removed. Likewise, some AM broadcast stations could not be heard because the Saudis jammed them. I guess the broadcasts came from Little Satan.

Maybe genius boy would like to see the material I kept.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

We regret having to do anything to sort things out

To actually think a letter of apology with that line in it is genuine is beyond comprehension.

In fact I think that is exactly the problem.

Antony either doesn't read what he posts or he does not comprehend what he reads.

He thinks he's a journalist. He calls other journalists, hacks. Yet he can't read.

Yes, Anthony, we're all laughing at you.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous chistery said...

"Independent journalist"

Independent of a salary.

7:29 AM  

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