Friday, July 08, 2011

Q&A Uncovered

This week's token Muslim on Q&A was Najeeba Wazefadost.

Whilst she wore an Islamic headscarf during the program, she appeared without it in the promotional photograph at the beginning. Perhaps it was on loan from the ABC's wardrobe department?

The description of most of the panelists on Q&A could politely be described as fawning. What a lefty love-in.

A summary:
Chris Bowen is new Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.
Chris has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Labor Party.

He became a minister after just three years as an MP and has now been given responsibility for one of the most important non-economic portfolios.
was mayor at the age of 25.

Scott Morrison is the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.
Short time in Parliament

When Sarah Hanson-Young was elected to the Senate at the 2007 election, she achieved three significant milestones: she was the first Greens Senator to be elected in South Australia, the youngest person ever elected to the Senate and the youngest woman ever elected to the Federal Parliament. She is now regarded as a rising star in the Greens Party, a leading member of the new Greens generation

With the Greens achieving a stunning result

One of the Party’s most capable and high-profile younger representatives

David Marr is one of Australia’s most influential commentators.
has many areas of expertise
sensationally published an explosive article

has written a number of highly acclaimed books

Afghan refugee Najeeba Wazefadost and her family fled the Taliban
She arrived in Australia by boat with her parents
won the 2011 'Young Woman of the West Award'
finalist of the Young Human Rights Medal Award

Piers Akerman

Labor-baiting columns
best-known commentators
confrontational approach
assault on Labor and all soft-Left causes
staunchly supporting the coalition
committed climate-change sceptic and a voracious critic of most green causes.
No wonder Julia Gillard has decided to appear on Q&A next week. No doubt she'll be asked all the hard questions...



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