Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Crossing Over

In a rather bizarre case:
The fiancee of a man killed at a level crossing successfully applied to have his sperm extracted from his corpse so she can still bear his child...She said she had the support of Mr Jarvis's mother and family
Touching. But how was he killed? Did his car break down? Was he pushed? Unaware there was a train approaching?

The level crossing, depicted below, has boomgates, flashing lights and bells.

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Despite all this, according to an earlier report:
"It appears the man has darted across the crossing," a police spokeswoman said.
That is, the man decided to duck across the tracks... in the path... of an approaching train.

As tragic as it is, it would seem his demise well and truly qualified the man for a Darwin Award. Experts in evolution by natural selection may wish to ponder the pros and cons of extracting genetic material from the deceased...

The Darwin Awards website helpfully notes:
Few people are unaware of the three most important facts about trains:
1) Trains cannot stop quickly.
2) Trains cannot swerve.
3) In any collision, the train always wins.
A point apparently also overlooked by stupid Indonesians lying on the railway tracks as a medical treatment. Seriously.


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