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Nice country...

This is what doctors get up to in Iran.

An Iranian woman blinded and disfigured by a man who threw acid into her face stood above her attacker in a hospital operating room as a doctor was about to put several drops of acid in one of his eyes in court-ordered retribution.

The man waited on his knees and wept.

"What do you want to do now?" the doctor asked the 34-year-old woman, whose own face was severely disfigured in the 2004 attack.
Columnist Burt Prelutsky observed of Barack Obama: ""Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran ."

And once again, the SMH had to rely on a wire service. Their man on the ground, was probably sitting in Tel Aviv pub.

Difficult to verify, but the below attempts to describe the judicial blinding process in Iran. Even if it's completely false, the end-result is similarly barbaric so I post it here for an insight into justice, Sharia style.

I know someone from Iran and he told me a wealth of information on how these type of punishments are often carried out. In the case of blinding punishments, the prisoner is most likely to be carried in to the punishment room because as you mentioned in your question, he is likely to be so scared that he will not be able to walk. In fact, it is likely that he will not have slept any the night before (or several nights before) because of his anticipation of the punishment.

He will likely have a diaper placed on him because it is very likely that when the punishment is carried out, he will lose control of his bodily functions. The prisoner is brought into the punishment room and placed in a chair like a dentist chair. This chair will have many arms on it with scissors, knifes, drills, electric saws, and other implements that are used in judicial mutilation punishments carried out in Iran. The mere sight of this contraption would be enough to send chills down anyone's bones. It would look like something out of a Frankenstein or Saw movie.

Due to the excruciating pain that is experienced from blinding punishments, the prisoner will be encased first in a metal suit like armor so that his arms and legs will be completely immobile. A metal helmet will be placed over his head with three hooks attached to each eyelid. A ratcheting device will raise both eyelids wide open so that the acid drops can be dripped into each of the prisoner's eyes. Only the prisoner's eyes will be visible. The rest of his body, including his face will be completely covered by the metal suit that the prisoner is wearing. This is to protect the rest of his body from getting the acid. The prisoner will be firmly fastened to the dentist like chair and his head will be tilted back so that the drops can easily be dripped in his eyes. A heart monitor will be hooked up so that the prisoner's heart can be monitored during the entire punishment. Upon hooking up this monitor, there will be a fast beep beep beep sound coming from the monitor measuring the increasing heart rate of the prisoner as he is anticipating the punishment.

Entire preparation of the prisoner for the punishment will take about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. All during this time the prisoner will be begging and pleading for mercy, but his cries will fall on deaf ears. Two men wearing bright orange radioactive suits will come in to the room carrying a bottle of sulfuric acid. The men will let the prisoner see the jar with the word sulfuric acid written on it (both in English and Arabic).

Two titration looking devices will be used to suck up enough acid for 10 drops in each eye (20 drops total). These titration devices will be placed about 2 centimeters over each eye after being fastened to two arms on the dentist like chair. The whole apparatus will be rigged up to a red button that one of the two men wearing the radiation suits will press at the signal given by the warden of the prison. The woman will get to be present for the carrying out of this sentence, although she won't see anything because she is blind.

After the prisoner is completely prepared to receive his punishment, the prison warden will hold up a scroll and read aloud the sentence to the prisoner that he is to receive 10 drops of sulfuric acid in each eye for throwing acid on a woman. The prisoner will be asked if he would like to say anything.

Then the punishment will begin. Once the signal is received, the red button will be pressed and the first drop will slowly start to drip out of the titration device. The prisoner will see the first drop start to form and get bigger and bigger. He will have extreme difficulty breathing as he anticipates the drop falling into his eye. His heart beat will go faster and faster as the first drop continues to form and break away from the titration device and fall into his eye making a sizzling sound like the sound of eggs frying. The prisoner will let out an extremely loud cry that could be heard for 5 miles away (except the punishment room is padded with sound barriers).

After the first drop, his vision will have deteriorated greatly in the first eye. The next drop will start to form in the titration device over his other eye. The same process will repeat itself. The drop will fall into his other eye making a sizzling sound and the prisoner's scream will be louder than ever. The drops will be alternated between each eye and one drop will fall about every 10 minutes.

By the second drop, in each eye, his vision will have deteriorated to just shawdows. As the third drop falls in the first eye, the prisoner will lose control of his bodily functions and urinate and defeciate. After the third drop has fallen in each eye, the prisoner will be completely blind and unable to see the subsequent drops fall. During this entire time, the prisoner will be screaming and yelling in pain. If the prisoner passes out during the punishment, the red button will be pressed again so that the punishment can be temporarily halted. Smelling salts will be used to revive the prisoner so that he can feel the whole pain of the punishment. After the prisoner is completely revived and awake, the red button would be pressed again to resume the punishment.

It will take about 4 hours to complete the punishment (factoring in the time that it would take to revive the prisoner each time he would pass out). After the punishment is completed prisoner will be completely blind and his eyes will feel like they are on fire. It will feel as though his head is swollen by 10 meters.

The prisoner will be unfastened from the dentist like chair and his metal suit will be removed. He will be unable to walk because he is in a state of shock but he will be taken to a shower to be cleaned up after losing control of his bodily functions. He will then be taken back to his cell, blind and unable to see anything. (Source)


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What happens if he rapes a woman? Does he get his butt torn a new one? Maybe this sharia law isn't so bad after all. I wonder what the Greens would say once they discover what Muslims do to Gay people?

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