Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rooting for Looting

Despite a documented history of polemics, lies and journalistic incompetence, Antony Loewenstein has remained good enough for 'our ABC'. His latest 'achievement' is cheering for the London rioters.
The rioting in Britain has shocked Britain and the world but it really should not. Is this about payback for years of police mistreatment, a powerful statement from those who feel ostracised from mainstream England or criminal looters? A little bit of everything.
The incessant stupidity that comes from Loewenstein's mind has shocked intelligent readers (albeit very few) but it really should not.

(H/T Mango at The Carthaginian Solution)

In an earlier post Loewenstein states:
"Don’t tell me the Zionist lobby hasn’t bought the entire US Congress"
Remember, as long as you use the word "Zionist" instead of Jew, nobody will ever accuse you of spreading ancient antisemitic conspiracy theories about secret Jewish control of world governments.

XYZ has posted a comment to Loewenstein's heavily 'moderated' blog calling him on it. Chances of Loewenstein approving the comment?

The score so far:
Supports terrorists who kill Australians? Check.
Supports terrorists who murder Jews? Check.
Supports rioters who are burning London? Check.
Spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories? Check.
Good enough for the ABC and Fairfax? No need to check...



Anonymous Chistery said...

If there's one thing Ants should be an expert on, it's understanding "those who feel ostracised from mainstream".

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Mango said...

In case there's any doubt, the rioters are criminal scum and they're finally being resisted by various London communities.

Why won't Antony visit London and tell besieged Londoners that the looters' root causes need to be addressed?

Glory to the Turks (and Kurds) who were the first to fight back :)

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ant - overly sensitive narcissistic personality disorder with attention seeking characteristics and need for control? (in his own closeted world - ie his bedroom)




9:47 PM  
Anonymous Mango said...

The Israel/Palestine issue or Sri Lanka's Eelam Wars are divisive, complex and most people don't want to think about them too deeply.

Looters and thieves burning ordinary people out of their homes is something that (almost) everyone will be abhor and condemn.

Is there any way to get AL to answer publicly for his statements supporting the London looters?

Here's another instance of AL's looters and arsonists almost succeeding in murdering people in their beds.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Mango said...

Any chance at all of getting AL to defend and explain his support for London's feral thieves and rioters?

Look at how ordinary people resisted these scum -- check out Sikhs defending their neighbourhood.

Which media organisations use AL as an 'expert' commentator?

What would they say if they knew that their star performer is a proponent of mob violence?

3:24 PM  

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