Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clayton's Book

Antony Loewenstein:
This is an area covered throughout the recently released book, On Utoya, and my contribution covers how the Norway killer Anders Breivik rather loved Israel in his manifesto.
It's not a book.

It's a downloadable file. You would think an (ahem) best-selling author like Antony would know the difference. The 'e-book' (sounds more impressive than PDF or Text File) has not a single review on, presumably as this would involve actually reading the thing. According to Antony, it seems paranoid schizophrenics such as Anders Behring Breivik are representative of growing opinion. Or something.

Elsewhere, Loewenstein tries to drum up some publicity for a Palestinian film. Memo Antony: If you're going to promote a film, do try and get its name right.
Stepping Stones, a film made in the occupied Palestinian town of Hebron
It's called "Sleeping in Cinema" "Sleeping on Stones" and hasn't yet been "made". They are trying to raise funds:

Seven hundred and fifty grand? Must be expensive constantly replacing the talent when they blow themselves up.



Anonymous Ian said...

Loewenstein's latest literary contribution - an open letter to Kevin Rudd:

What a bunch of self-important tosspots.

7:29 AM  

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