Friday, December 09, 2011

Hypocrite lawyer

Crikey media analyst and lawyer Jeremy Sear had a big sad back in August over the Herald Sun's exposing of a public employee's Twittering:
I’m just glad we have a prominent tabloid digging through private citizens’ online opinions in order to find people who should be silenced, punished and thrown on the dole. That’s what free speech and freedom of the press are all about.
But just the other day Jeremy objected to journalist Miranda Devine listing private citizen correllio as someone she follows.

Jeremy has, since becoming a Crikey-paid professional blogger, gone all respectable and sanctimonious, losing his past appreciation for crude language, here applied to Andrew Bolt:
What a horridly opportunistic, cheap little low-life cunt.
And here's a Jeremy-approved  Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt post tagged "cunts".

Now that's some classy hypocrisy, no?

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Anonymous TBS said...

As the possessor of a vagina, i really do object to this wonderful organ being used as a term of abuse by this transmitter of tedium, Jeremy Sear.

Stupid prick.

10:56 PM  

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