Friday, January 27, 2012

Clear and Present Hysterics

News reports:
Wrapped in the arms of an Australian Federal Police officer, Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott were then whisked away from The Lobby restaurant, where the two had been trapped for half an hour by almost 200 protesters who were yelling and banging on the windows.

It was the first time since John Howard wore a bullet-proof vest to a gun rally that a protest had presented a clear and present danger to the safety of the prime minister.
As I recall, John Howard's arrival wearing a poorly fitted bullet-proof vest was treated with ridicule by the shooters lobby who took offence at the suggestion. Exactly what "clear and present danger" existed that day, which didn't the day before or the day after?

Having said that, if a Prime Minister, Premier, Police Commissioner or Minister of Immigration doesn't need to wear a bullet-proof vest (perhaps a stylish Miguel Caballero number) he or she probably isn't upsetting the right people nearly enough.


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