Monday, February 20, 2012


It is being suggested that whomever in the Prime Minister's office leaked the "Happy Little Vegemite" tape of Kevin Rudd swearing, may have given a free kick to Kevin Rudd and hurt Julia Gillard.

In today's SMH:
The video of Kevin Rudd swearing has only lifted his popularity. We have all had these frustrating moments in life and we need a human being in the role of Labor Party leader, not a saint. I don't vote Labor but if I did it would be Rudd for leader. Thank you that poster, hope your foot doesn't hurt too much from the gunshot wound.

Michael Stanbridge Bonnet Bay
I wonder if someone from Rudd's camp released the tape.

Anyone remember when he said "Shitstorm" on television? It didn't look especially accidental and any number of bogans were excited by it.


Anonymous Chistery said...

There are fewer things in this world that are more unfathomable than Rudd's popularity with the general population.

The fact that Michael Stanbridge thinks Rudd's high talking petulent whiney crybaby outburst is a big Rudd status lifter doens nothing to solve this conundrum.

7:27 AM  

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