Friday, February 10, 2012

They just don't get it...

From the "We aren't antisemites, we're anti-Zionist" files, comes the latest adventures of the BDS groupies.
If you liked the protests against Israeli company Max Brenner you will love our Israeli Apartheid inc corporate tour of companies complicit in Palestinian oppression.

As part of the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, Students for Palestine is beginning 2012 by taking on corporations in Melbourne's CBD that support the theft of Palestinian land and the brutality of the Israeli military.

We will begin our tour in the Bourke St Mall and then end at Max Brenner.

Look out for the Tour Guides dressed in Palestinian colours.
Can't miss 'em.

These ferals are also planning to crash a trade luncheon. There's a special type of person who can attend a protest at 11:30am on a working day, and that person isn't employed. It starts with protests. Then violent demonstrations. Then.... Well, just study history.

Vexnews reports they're hanging around Synagogues too.

Meanwhile, in Syria this week:
roads in and out of the besieged suburb of Baba Amr, in the south-east of Homs, were blocked, preventing the evacuation of children and the wounded, and food, water and medicine were running out.

Speaking at an international gathering in Sweden, the British prime minister, David Cameron, said: "It is quite clear this is a regime hell-bent on killing, murdering and maiming its own citizens … we need to take the toughest possible response we can."

More than 100 people were reported dead in Homs on Thursday during heavy bombardment by government forces, but that figure could not be independently confirmed in the absence of observers or humanitarian organisations. A local resident, Basil Abu Fouad, said it was impossible to estimate casualties accurately.

"We can't count the number of the dead in the rubble. When we pull someone from the rubble, we don't know if they were killed today, yesterday or before," Abu Fouad said by phone from a basement in Baba Amr.

"They are using helicopters and mortars and tanks, T-72 [former Soviet] tanks. Hundreds of homes have been demolished and they have come down on the heads of their owners.

"Communications have been completely cut off between neighbourhoods. The army have blocked access to the city. Some people tried to escape but they found all the roads were closed. There is no food left in the city. We don't have milk. All the water tanks have been targeted. We don't have medicines. If you go to the shops and try to get in, the snipers up on the roofs will shoot you," he said.

"The children will die here. All the people want is to escape. They can smash this place if they want. We just want to get out of there. But they won't allow us."

Dani Abdul Dayan, a resident of the Insha'at, next to Baba Amr, claimed the army had taken over the Hikma hospital, expelled doctors and was using the patients as human shields. The claim could not be verified.

In Homs, Abu Fouad said the security council veto had given the regime a green light to commit genocide against the Syrian people. "The whole world is against us. Nobody is helping us," he said, before the electricity failed. "There is nothing left but to pray."
When Muslims kill Muslims, and there are no Jews involved, nobody cares. Enjoy your boycott kiddies. Don't forget to chant stuff about "justice" and "genocide"...



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