Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wot Terrorism?

Today's SMH write-up of the trial of a number of Islamist terrorists in Australia is chilling reading. However hardly a surprise. Australia has imported a problem to this country, refused to deal with it for too long and in many cases refuses to even name the problem for fear of upsetting somebody.

"Greek Fire" in comments to this blog:
Diversity has killed discrimination, which is a bad thing indeed. People should discriminate against bad ideas. They should be jaundiced against jihad, sick of sexism and hate homophobia. But if you do that you will be labeled an Islamophobe. And, by the way, your right to free speech has also been sacrificed to the great leftist meme of diversity.

However, if in fact your religious beliefs embody jihad, sexism and homophobia the intellectual elite and their house organs like the ABC and Fairfax will sensitively lick your arse and the government will throw money at you under a policy developed no doubt by some deadbeat deathwishing drongo in the public service.

Western civilisation is well and truly fucked. The beneficiaries of past struggles for human rights care not for their cultural inheritance. It will not be transmitted to even one further generation. The diversity-mongers have seen to that.


Anonymous Gowfuk Youssef said...

Come now Fairfax - Islamic terrorism exists? Here? In Australia?

Whenever, I read the Fairfax press I always get the impression that there's no such thing as Islamic terrorism. Certainly, not in the Arab/Israel conflict where Hamas/Hezbollah/Islamic Jihad/Fatah are all regular nice guys fighting against the Joos.

How did we get to have Islamic terrorists in this country?

5:40 AM  

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