Saturday, February 04, 2012

Weird science

An enlightened reader comments on iron ore magnate Gina Rinehart's appointment of geologist Ian Plimer to two board positions:
Porcine pollution princess, Gina Rhino-arse, puts pseudoscientist Pliemer (silent "p") on retainer.
Jeez, who knew Lefties regard rich females with such contempt. By the way, the comment is at Tim Lambert's Dulltard snake-pit.

Update A Crikey reader is also none too keen on the billionairess:
You are never, in a million years, going to make anything but a hash of media ownership, for one very simple reason: you have never had to do a lick of managerial work in your life. All you had to do was sit tight while your old man gifted a big bunch of dirt to you, dirt that the rest of the world wanted so badly they would pay billions to get it. You have never had to actually manage your companies because a platoon of toady managers do all that for you. Like other famous business children, such as Packer and those two Murdoch dunces, the minute you decide you can actually make a business decision, it all goes immediately wrong. OneTel, anyone?
Looks like the emergence of multiple cases of Rinehart Derangement Syndrome.


Anonymous Luke said...

If Rhinehart held different views the likes of Tim Blair and your sidekick Dan would take the piss out of her weight - as they do with others. Don't hear ya whining about that.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous foxy said...

Porcine princess? Not exactly champagne comedy, nothing against fat jokes that are funny. Rhino arse got a smirk, but having seen a real Rhino arse recently, it's somewhat unfair. But she is 60, not 30, she ain't on Young Talent Time FFS so give her a break.

"You have never had to actually manage your companies because a platoon of toady managers do all that for you"

Now that is comedy gold, especially the part where the idiot brings up One Tel.

Maybe the dumb arse can criticise when she stops managing a company that's projected to pull 2 BILLION per year as of this year. Doesn't matter if you have 'toadys' this takes acumen to manage - from the top. It's only when you DO hand off responsibility to toadys that everything turns to crap.

Another fail article from the gob off self styled expert on nothing, sharing his worldly experience.

Nice work, not.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous foxy said...

PS I like the commenters bit about the 'pseudoscientist' Plimer. Last time I checked there was nothing Pseudo about him.

What was Falnnery's discipline again? I'm pretty sure it aint climate science or meteorology.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Yes, Deltard is a snake pit.
And the only science Shiny Lambert has done is computer science. Apparently this qualifies him as a polymath in physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistical inference, geology, biology, etc, etc. I mean academia should just give up and go and ask Shiny when they want to know something.

9:59 AM  

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