Friday, February 03, 2012

Mosque Must Go

Last week I reported a disgusting speech given by lawyer Rob Stary at the Preston Mosque.

The Australian has covered it.
Mosque's lesson in dealing with ASIO

A CAMPAIGN to frustrate the domestic spy agency's attempts to root out homegrown Islamic terrorism is being waged at a mosque linked to a jailed former spiritual leader.

A report on Mr Stary's address features on the society's website, which accuses ASIO of sowing "distrust and fear". The mosque was linked to self-styled Islamic spiritual leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 51, who along with six other men was sentenced to jail in 2009 for terrorism offences. Targets included the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Crown casino.

In his address to the mosque, Mr Stary was critical of what he claimed was Australia's pro-Israel stance, adding yesterday that Julia Gillard was showing bias towards Israel. He has hit out at what he described as the influence of the so-called Jewish lobby and added he had been reported accurately by the Islamic society.

Australia-Israel & Jewish Affairs Council executive director Colin Rubenstein said the reported comments were inflammatory.
Why do people think that opposing Jihadi suicide bombing, head-chopping, women-hating ideology is the result of a Jewish plot? There is a very simple reason why any sensible democracy, and any sensible leader of a democracy, would oppose such things. Jewish people of course have plenty of reason to oppose it. I'm sure more people would support the Arab world if it wasn't such a cesspool.

Not reported by The Australian was that the Commonwealth Government had been providing grant money to the Preston Mosque. How's that for value for money?


Anonymous Greek Fire said...

Diversity has killed discrimination, which is a bad thing indeed. People should discriminate against bad ideas. They should be jaundiced against jihad, sick of sexism and hate homophobia. But if you do that you will be labeled an Islamophobe. And, by the way, your right to free speech has also been sacrificed to the great leftist meme of diversity.

However, if in fact your religious beliefs embody jihad, sexism and homophobia the intellectual elite and their house organs like the ABC and Fairfax will sensitively lick your arse and the government will throw money at you under a policy developed no doubt by some deadbeat deathwishing drongo in the public service.

Western civilisation is well and truly fucked. The beneficiaries of past struggles for human rights care not for their cultural inheritance. It will not be transmitted to even one further generation. The diversity-mongers have seen to that.

2:34 PM  

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