Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cowards Indeed

An excellent takedown by Andrew Landeryou. Everybody cops a serve.


Anonymous John said...

A fact-deficient load of piffle, Dan.

Firstly, to cite Gabrielle Gifford and the Norway shootings as justification for the exaggerated actions of the AFP is abject nonsense. The US has a history of gun-happy extremist groups and political assassinations; Australia does not.

Secondly, what credible source suggests there were 500 protesters? Most mainstream media have been reporting around 200, and I've seen estimates as low as 50.

The AFP and other protective agencies should never undermine the dignity of political office by manhandling our head of government unless there is damn good reason to do so. As yet, they have failed to provide this good reason and we are right to demand that they do so.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous foxy said...

Gee Johhny Dangerous the only people 'demanding an explanation' (LOL) about the security management seem to be video reviewing keyboard commandos like yourself and similar gong beating leftist dimwits. Even the PM was satisfied.

I imagine you would have required an XL sized adult diaper though if you were required to provide the protection. Your self-projecting comments about getting erections in response to certain stimuli is another unpleasant area you enthusiatically delve into - I won't dignifiy that with a response but I suggest you get some counselling as you seem a little wound up.

"I've seen estimates as low as 50"

Thanks for (not) providing a source. I DEMAND A SOURCE!!!!! Ha ha.

And as for the first laughable paragraph, this isn't Australia in the 70's wanker, the world's a different place as anyone monitoring events even here would acknowledge.

Anyone sane or with some honesty - which counts you out.

You are apparently a super hero Johnny so please be easy with us non residents of comic book world, there's a good boy.

As for your own distasteful stereotyped descriptions of "boozed up natives" (verbatim) well, I just have to wonder about you. Really? Where's YOUR evidence?

Just repellant.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Calm down, boy. You sound hysterical. Do you have a point or are you just ranting and whining, as is your usual modus operandi?

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Ron said...

Sorry but that article IS crap.

According to that article the tender widduw cream-puff merely picked up the phone to 'tell someone that Abbott would be at a function' - conveniently overlooking the fact that this proven spiv likely added quotes to 'incite the mob' for a political edge. Hey, 'whatever it takes' eh son? Straight out of the ALP playbook.

This is what shits me about lefties - here they are trying to demand that the mob of ratbag scum take responsibility for their own actions, when for the last 40 years they have carved a guilt industry out of demanding that they DON'T.

That's what's currently making their brains melt at this point - either the 'mob' or Labor have to take the guilt - it can only be one or the other this time (although you'll still read the odd rusted-on hardcore lefty STILL trying to twist reality and lay the blame squarely on Abbott).

9:15 AM  

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