Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Booby Prize

Kel Richards was recently standing in for Brian Wilshire on Radio 2GB.

The prize for the winner of the night's quiz: A copy (unsigned) of My Israel Question by Antony Loewenstein. Plucking a Duck wasn't an option and the 'winner' is stuck with it.

I wonder who sent a complimentary copy to the radio station. I also wonder whether a single copy was sent, or an entire pallet-load.



Anonymous TBS said...

I asked the producer how this selection occurred. I was told that Kel Richards himself ahd chosen the book. On what grounds, I have no idea.

I contend that "winning" this book entitles the winner to sue for mental cruelty.
Fortunately the winner was also given a CD of truly sterling musical quality - I heard an excerpt - so she will be able to enjoy at least one cultural artifact free of idiocy and dishonesty.

5:38 PM  

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