Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is Being Raised by Moonbats Considered a Disability?

I've always cringed when dirty hippies scream like little girls for the benefit of the cameras as they are arrested by police at demonstrations. People in real police-states must shake their heads at these lightweights. Or at least they would if they had Internet.

But this chick takes things to a whole new level. Meet Jennifer Nash. According to her blog, her son got picked on at school.
The sordid saga of abuse and administrative callousness inflicted upon Jordan Nash – and his long-suffering mother Jennifer – began about a decade ago in Brisbane, where Jordan was being severely bullied as the result of an untreated expressive and receptive speech language disorder, which severely affected his learning as a child and made him a target for other children. Exacerbating this situation, Jordan was also subject to a learning disability, though not one that was severe enough to warrant him attending a school for children with special needs.
Ms Nash complained to her local member and after (ahem) occupying the space outside his office for several weeks was ignored. See if you can work out the problem.

As her son is driven off, she loses it completely, convinced he'll never be seen again. Mamdouh Habib must be grateful he wasn't picked up by the Queensland Police. Here's an 'alternative' version of the events in the above video.
Nash was immediately denied the right to speak, told to leave by MP Mickel and brutally removed from the public gallery by an armed Queensland Police Officer who used excessive force to remove her and caused her fear, pain and bruises to both upper arms when he violently forced her down the stairs of parliament.
No mention of the permanent hearing loss the officer would have suffered.
On ejection from parliament building, the aggrieved mother was unable to take her handbag with her and was threatened with arrest when she requested the return of her bag.

The Police officer then made a phone call on his mobile phone and moments later two paddy wagons and an additional half a dozen Police officers arrived in a show of force and "lack of diplomacy" which Jennifer Nash says is inconsistent with the Police's Mission statement "To serve the people in Queensland by protecting life and property, preserving peace and safety, preventing crime and upholding the law in a manner which has regard for the public good and the rights of the individual."
He has now missed all of high school. This kid hasn't got a chance, thanks to his caring Mum.


Anonymous Steve at the Pub said...

The first 5 minutes is the funniest I have seen for some time.

This harpy is allowed to vote! OMG.

Had one like this once, she grabbed something with both hands & declared she wasn't leaving, coz she "had a right to remain" blah blah blah....

.... the coppers just grabbed an ankle each & started walking. She bumped along behind, screeching all the way, her head went *bumpity*bump*bump* all the way down the stairs.

Fantastic stuff!

7:36 PM  

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