Monday, May 14, 2012

Peak-Hour Palestinians

The local Palestinian boosters and their Jews for Genocide supporters have applied to hold a demonstration against Israel, marching through the Sydney CBD during peak-hour.

The NSW Police, who facilitate hundreds of protests a year (admittedly mostly by the same rent-a-crowd who have nowhere else to be at 5pm on a work day), have politely asked them to relocate to a park somewhere to avoid traffic congestion in peak-hour. Sensible really but not good enough for the Jihadi Jokers who are convinced this is really an attack on their freedom of speech.

NSW police initiated a Supreme Court action against the pro-Palestine Al-Nakba commemoration march to be held in Sydney on May 15. The police are seeking a court order prohibiting the public assembly and procession. Protest organisers state that they will not be intimidated and will defend the right to protest in court.
Independent journalist and author of My Israel Question, Antony Loewenstein, says: “The right to peacefully protest is a cornerstone of a democratic society. Supporting Palestinian rights is even more essential today in an age where our political and media elites choose to ignore Israeli apartheid right in front of their eyes.”
The political and media elites also choose to ignore liars. Liars hate that.

Naturally, despite puffery about democracy these fools won't utter a peep against the Syrian Government shooting at demonstrators in the streets but instead dare accuse the NSW Police of being fascists.  

Meanwhile, this is what the Sydney Morning Herald regards as mere "protest" by Palestinians.

 Their caption: "Flashpoint ... a Palestinian outside the Ofer Prison near Ramallah after a demonstration in support of those in Israeli prisons."

That kid wouldn't be older than fifteen and he is throwing a Molotov Cocktail. Some "demonstration in support". He must be fun at birthday parties.

Of course if he were throwing that molotov cocktail at a police officer or soldier who defended their life by shooting him, it goes without saying he would magically become an innocent teenager out playing soccer when he was brutally slain. This kid's parents are no doubt proud of him.

These are the people for whom local groups wish to express support, by blocking traffic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote antony the hypocrite of the year - unless he protests Syria - directly outside the Syrian consulate

Fat chance as they may come out and smack the princess

4:47 PM  

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