Tuesday, October 02, 2012

70,000 Non-listeners Attack Jones

Media attacks on Alan Jones are nothing new. Prior to the Cronulla riots, large sections of the media were convinced that a bunch of Cronulla waxheads were sitting in their cars listening to AM radio being motivated by Alan Jones to attack Lebanese-Muslims. As if.

The double-standards on show regarding Alan Jones' inappropriate comment about Julia Gillard's late Father have been captured nicely by Andrew Bolt.

Today's SMH reports:
Early this morning an online petition calling for several companies to stop advertising on Jones's program had attracted over 70,000 signatures.
 Oh noes! An online petition containing such comments as:
Helen Healy

I think a great deal of the vitriol aimed at our PM is not because of her policies, leadership but because she is a women. Enough is enough. Alan jones comments are appalling and his employer should take a stand
You would think a woman would know how to spell woman.

Other comments from obvious non-listeners:
Why is it not ok when someone makes this kind of comment on twitter, but these 'shock jocks' think it is ok that they abuse people on the airwaves? It is time Australia stood up to this sexist, ignorant, destructive kind of behaviour and make Alan Jones responsible for his disgusting comments.
Jones' offending comments were not made on the airwaves.

Advertisers are likely to be buried in emails, made easy by sites such as this and GetUp. The less savvy recipients of such email barrages are likely to react to them, to the neglect of a frequently silent majority. Thanks to FM broadcaster Kyle Sandilands, Advertisers have also learned that they can get free publicity by cancelling a few paid ads.

On the new era of 'slacktivism:
Or filling in a form on an online petition site while true freedoms and democracy are under threat.


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Labor are certainly sticking it into Tony Abbott about the bad think Alan Jones said. Grubs.

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Anonymous Chistery said...

er.. thing

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