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Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be taking a short break from her shrieks of "Misogyny" aimed at Tony Abbott today. She will join Australians and Indonesians commemorating the Islamist terror attack in Bali of 2002, ten years ago.

It was the work of a religion whose adherents murdered non-believers ten years ago and have tried every day since.  A religion whose misogyny sees young girls genitally mutilated, rape victims stoned to death, women covered from head to toe so as to disappear. A religion with leaders who say women can't work, can't drive and can't study but can be beaten.

There will be no frank discussion about Islam of course. Tony Abbott is a Christian.


Former Prime Minister John Howard was on Alan Jones' program this morning (no doubt because Julia Gillard wouldn't dare). He referred to terrorists who "perverted" Islam.

Can we please stop hearing that the terrorists have "perverted" the peaceful religion of Islam? It's a popular and politically correct myth. The fact is that Islam is a violent, murderous religion. Terrorists are not perverting it. They're following it to the letter.

Mohammed was a mass-murderer of unbelievers and yes, he slept with nine year old girls. Muslims are compelled to live in Mohamed's image.

You can riot all you want because of what I've just said, but it's the truth. Check the Koran.

The ones who have "perverted" Islam are the ones who don't want to kill non-believers. The ones who have realised it's the 21st Century, not the 7th.

We need more perversion of Islam. It's called reform and every other major religion has achieved this. Jews aren't smiting anyone. Christians aren't boiling anyone alive. Buddhists? Well. Yet Islam has not woken up and checked the calendar and our leaders refuse to call it for what it is. Nevermind Islamic leaders.

We will not forget.


Anonymous Blobbsy said...

A whole lot of religious fruitcakes need to reform.

Islam seems to fester in countries that we in the west would consider "third world" or "uncivilised".

A comment by some religious bloke from Jalalbad saying "women are shit etc" has less impact when a similar Islamic nutter from Condell Park says the same thing.

We feel affronted. The barbarity within the modernity of Australian society.

So what I always find surprising is how in Israel (which claims to be this beacon of civilisation within the Middle East) you have religious nutbags like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef not just tolerated but celebrated.

Yosef who is the spiritual head of a political party with four cabinet ministers in the government has recently called on Jews to pray for the annihilation of Iran.

He hasn't asked Jews to pray for peace. He asked for the complete destruction of a country and all of it's people. This guy was the Chief Rabbi of Israel.

He also said that the only purpose of non Jews (you know us goiym Aussies etc) was to serve Jews. In the same way a donkey might serve a farmer.

I don't know how Israelis tolerate this kind of crap.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah blobbsy the troll again trots out the jew bashing angle.

Utterly predictable.

Scuzz bucket

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Whats wrong fellas?

Can give it out but cant take it eh.

Muslim bashing ok.

Jew bashing wrong.


6:30 PM  
Anonymous Merle Values said...

Spot on.

Im also sick to death of seeing Catholic priests perverting their faith by NOT molesting little boys. What a disgusting perversion of the Catholic faith, and everything it stands for.

And just the other day i wronged a Jewish friend of mine, and he DIDN'T put my eye out. And then to top it all off he didn't even slaughter all my livestock OR salt the earth. Truly shocking.. ;)

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Although you wouldn't think so at times, Catholicism doesn't actually officially condone child abuse. Although quite a few sick fuckers who head up the organisation practice it and hide it, the average modern day Aussie mick who heads off to St Patricks each week would certainly be against abusing children.

They certainly wouldn't have a ritual where little baby boys have their wee wee's mutilated by some freaky religious dude.

An event which the family and friends witness and even celebrate.

2012 Australia. Sad.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

2012 Blobbsy. Bigot.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Gee such deep analysis of my personality. If I am a bigot because I think Islam is a dangerous, fanatical religion - then so be it.

If I say something that offends your average Muslim because they don't speak out about archaic religious practices - then so be it.

And if they bring there yabbering crap and ways to this country and don't fit in and long to be somewhere eles then I say. Leave.

3:22 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

Methinks Blobbsy's burning Jew-hatred is so profound & viscerial that he'll cloak it under any disguise lest its nature betray his inner venom.


8:31 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Oh did I say Islam?

I meant Jews.

5:02 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

Too late.

I already called it.


10:27 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

First to admit that the majority of the Jews I have met here in Australia have been terrible human beings.

I am sure there is some nice ones out there somewhere.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Blobbsy is a Knobbsy said...

When did you meet them Blobbsy? While you were shovelling their shit? Cleaning their bathrooms? Standing inside Centerlink staring at them outside on their way to a job you'll never have?

So jealous.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Merle Values said...

I'm almost certain we would agree about many things Blobbsy...

For example many of the actions of the IDF and illegal settler groups, and the insane and hateful antics of rabid orthodox Jews (no better than the worst Islamic crackpots IMO)

However, it concerns me that you seem to have a problem with Jews that goes beyond hating the sin, and into the realm of hating the sinner.

Be careful that your outrage at the actions and attitudes of some sections of the Jewish community doesn't blind you to the decency and humanity of the majority.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy is a Knobbsy said...


" the insane and hateful antics of rabid orthodox Jews (no better than the worst Islamic crackpots IMO)"

Yep. I hate it when those Rabbis smash planes into skyscrapers and run around the world threatening to blow up and murder non-Jews. Happens all the time don't you know?

Are you serious?

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Jews in Israel have been writing the handbook on modern day terrorism for the last 80 years.

The Stern Gang and co were killing the British in terrorist attacks. Attacks that led to the creation of Israel. Attacks that are celebrated by Jews still today.

As for blowing up planes, Jews were away ahead of the game back in 1973 when they shot down a civilian Boeing 727, Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114.

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Merle Values said...

Well said Blobbsy.

Sadly you could cite multiple examples and they will all be ignored.

Somehow, and i don't quite get how this works exactly, if a Jew shoots a bunch of people in a Mosque, or blows up a airliner full of innocent people, its all good. When a Muslim does the same, it is an example of the barbaric nature of Islam.

When its Muslim extremists lining up to spit on little girls and stoning women in the street for being immodestly dressed, im sure 'Blobbsy is a Knobbsy' and his ilk would be all over it. When its a Jew...its all good.

Or how 'bout throwing stones through the windows of Jewish businesses simply because they are secular and want to determine their own opening hours? Or firebombing taxis and burning down places of worship, or setting fire to peoples olive groves? All good, right Knobbsy? Yep, the attackers were Jews, so all is forgiven.

Open your eyes Knobby, there are bad people EVERYWHERE and of EVERY faith, creed, colour, political orientation..whatever. Its ridiculous and immature to give one group a free pass while condemning the exact same behavior in others.

Grow up mate.

6:18 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

Nice try Blobbsy.

- But you fail to menion that the Stern Gang attacks on the British were against SOLDIERS. Not civilians.

Shock, horror, you left that out. Who woulda thought you'd do that.

- As for the airliner, it flew into Israeli airpsace and refused multiple calls to turn away from population centres and leave.

Exactly like the situation America faced on 9/11 with the threat of a possibly hijacked jumbo being rammed into a city, Israel made the same call America prepared to make.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Merle Values said...

ENP says

"But you fail to menion that the Stern Gang attacks on the British were against SOLDIERS. Not civilians."

Wrong again. Lehi aka The Stern Gang, killed hundreds of civilians.

"On March 31, the train was mined again near Binyamina, a Jewish settlement in the neighborhood of Caesarea, killing 40 persons and wounding 60. The casualties were all civilians"

"Around 107 villagers were killed during and after the battle for the village, including women and children. Some were shot, while others died when hand grenades were thrown into their homes."

And of the 91 people killed in the bombing of the King David Hotel, only 13 were soldiers.

70 were government officials (clerks, typists and messengers, junior members of the Secretariat, employees of the hotel and canteen workers) 3 were policemen and 5 were random members of the public.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

My call was specifically directed towards Blobbsy's deliberately vague notion of attacks against "the British".

Did he think the British public were vacationing there? No, of course not. He knew it could only be the British army and therefore more likely than not soldiers, but sounds much better to just say "the British", as he knows useful idiots might take it to mean deliberate targetting of civilians.

As for the King David hotel, it was the BRITISH MILITARY HEADQUARTERS

Any normal thinking person would struggle to think of any more LEGITIMATE target than a MILITARY HEADQUARTERS.

For good measure, they even pre-phoned in a warning about the upcoming attack in order to have civilians evacuated. Three times.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Merle Values said...

All fair points ENP.

4:16 PM  

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