Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Early Eighties Twitter

Top letter in today's SMH:
Why is it OK when Mr Jones uses his bully pulpit to attack someone's reputation and career, but not OK when thousands of people react to his egregious remark about the Prime Minister by attacking him and, as a surrogate measure, those who provide his income (''Alan Jones hits out at 'gutless' Mercedes exec as broadcaster points finger at cyber bullies'', smh.com .au, October 8)?
Mr Jones claims it is cyber bullying (well, he would know about bullying), but social media have been merely the conduit for a demonstration of people power. The Philippines in 1986, when the detested president Marcos was removed by mass action, is an example.
While not wishing the same fate for Mr Jones, perhaps he should recognise that times have changed and that power has now switched from those with a microphone to those with a keyboard; the triumph of democracy over demagoguery.
Michael Robinson Cammeray
Social media in 1986? In the Philippines?


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