Wednesday, October 03, 2012

ABC Values

Several weeks ago, Antony Loewenstein disgraced himself.
during the Q&A Jonathan Hoffman asked Loewenstein how many people Loewenstein thinks should die for this one-state solution, that Loewenstein wants so much, to come into existence. The idea being that Israelis are not going to vote themselves out of existence, so presumably such a state could come about only by force involving more bloodshed.
As Loewenstein wasn’t quite answering the question he was pressed further by Hoffman as to how many people Loewenstein thinks should die. First, Frank Barat, the Chairman, answered “200,000″ (here is more on Barat). Then Loewenstein answered “Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down.“

Andrew Bolt observed that this career-long fool was still treated as an honoured guest by the ABC.

Last night, Loewenstein was invited to appear on the ABC once again, discussing.... Wait for it.... Some offensive comments that Alan Jones made.

In quite possibly a first for Antony, he has offered the most qualified, insincere apology ever.
During the Q and A, a Jewish man, Jonathan Hoffman, co-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation and alleged ally of the far-right English Defence League, asked me how many people had to die to create one-state in Palestine and Israel. Initially, the chair of the event Frank Barat dismissed the question as being from a known Zionist provocateur but Hoffman insisted I answer. Eventually I said in frustration: “Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down”.
Yes. Antony's stupid comment was really a result of the galloping Zionist conspiracy.
It was a stupid comment, ill-advised and said without proper thought. I unreservedly apologise. A number of friends and colleagues have written to me expressing concern about it and they’re right.
Don't worry Antony. You'll still get calls from the ABC. Your 'career' isn't over yet.
I should never have said it as it goes completely against my beliefs. I do not advocate violence against civilians.
Loewenstein's beliefs certainly have no problem with Australian servicemen and women being killed.

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