Saturday, December 08, 2012

Radio Killed the Radio Star

The tragic suicide of a London nurse has seen the daggers pointed at 2Day FM's jocks, responsible for a childish prank.

It's impossible to say whether their prank caused her suicide, or was simply the last straw for a disturbed woman. However some predictions are easy:

1) Radio comments which arguably resulted in an actual death won't result in massive widespread calls for boycotts. Unlike when Alan Jones merely made a comment about someone who had already died.

2) Large companies will immediately pull advertising from 2Day FM for a few weeks. The free publicity they will receive across all media for doing so will far outweigh the advertising itself, formerly confined to 2Day FM.

Amidst all the talk about government controlling media and Alan Jones, has anyone actually listened to commercial radio lately? It's cringeworthy.

Saturday nights on 2Day FM, in between poppy dance hits are filled with recordings of Gen-Xers leaving recorded messages about how "wasted" they're getting tonight. Getting drunk is nothing new, of course but geez get over yourselves.

I was also listening to 96.1FM, "The Edge" a Sydney Western Suburbs radio station today and detected a certain theme. Their forthcoming CD was promoted as "Sexy tunes". This was followed by an Ad for a nightclub billing itself as "Parramatta's Sexiest" and lastly, an ad for breast surgery by an unscrupulous doctor offering to make people feel sexy.

It's hard to feel sexy when you're vomiting in your own mouth. Why don't these people just STFU, play some tunes and a few ads to pay the bills?


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