Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a Wonderful State it Would Be...

The Palestinian Ambassador to Britain says:
“We (the Palestinians) are the only, the only, country in the Middle East that are practicing democracy par excellence.” (Via: Richard Millett)
I was wondering where the Iraqi Information Minister had ended up. Now I know.

Here's a delightful example of the democracy par excellence recently served up by Palestinian democrats.

Yes, when they elected Hamas the Palestinians had a single "fair" election as we are frequently reminded by various Useful Idiots. Prior to the election, Hamas members threw their opponents off rooftops. Since then, in between trying to murder Jews, they have proceeded to kill their opponents, branding them "collaborators" in order to silence any dissent.

He continues, with a straight face:
"I think they (Israel) should be lucky to have the Palestinians as their neighbours.”
Why does the Western media continue to take these lying Arab propagandists seriously? The answer: Jews.


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