Sunday, November 18, 2012

ABC Sinks Deeper

After Antony Loewenstein sneered that six million Jews should die, Andrew Bolt noted the ABC still treats this man as an honored guest. They sure do. Here he is on ABC News24. The ABC's news service is a joke.


Anonymous Ant L said...

Dan you poor sade little man, you are obviously jealous of my literacy fame and journalistic success. I feel soggy for little people like you. Stop being so tribal and bee more open and tolerant like me. You could start by recognising that anti-Semites make quite a few good points. You should open your mined to new ideas.

The trick is that Jews can get away with being anti-Jewish. The intelligentsia will fawn at your feet for saying stuff that they could never get away with, like my comment about six million dead Jews. All that happens is that your selebrity status goes up and you get even more invitations from the ABC. Then your book sales go up and more people love you. Except your relatives of course, but who cares about them!

Face it, Dan. Leftists are way cool and you can’t be a leftist unless you supprot the Palestinians. It doesn’t matter about Palestinian terror tactics or their Jew-hatred; the modern progressives prefer that to Western democracy any day. In this post-modern world all that matters is fame and power.

3:18 PM  

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