Thursday, November 15, 2012

Red Vex

In a discussion with a former court prosecutor who said "It's easier to get off a murder charge than a parking ticket these days", I learned that Australian "traffic enforcement" (speed camera) company Redflex has gotten itself into serious trouble in Chicago.
The decision to label Redflex ineligible for the pending city contract came two days after a Tribune report detailed how the company improperly paid a $910 luxury hotel tab for the city official who oversaw its program and disciplined one of its own top executives but failed to tell the city about the 2010 incident until this month. The company also did not disclose its internal investigation of broader questions about the company's relationship with the city official.
"I find that Redflex's failure to timely report this incident to the city is unacceptable behavior and is a failure by Redflex to act in the city's best interest," Jamie L. Rhee, Emanuel's chief procurement officer, said in a letter sent to Redflex on Tuesday.
This is somewheatIt only received a passing mention in the SMH Business pages. I won't be shedding any tears for the company.


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