Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mine-e Mouse

Scientists have genetically modified mice to enable them to sniff out landmines and hope they might be in use within five years. 
More than 70 countries are contaminated by unexploded landmines.
''Long after wars have ended, communities are still impeded from going back to their normal, daily activities because of all these mines still affecting their land,'' said Charlotte D'Hulst of Hunter College, New York, who led the team that developed the GM mouse, known as MouSensor. 
One approach to clearing landmines is to use HeroRats, giant pouched rats that are trained to sniff out landmines by the Belgian non-government organisation APOPO.
The Iranians just use children.


Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Yeah those stories about Iran using kids might be right. Probably not, but they might be.

What is undeniable are the National Service conscription policies of Iran and Israel.

Israel starts at 18
Iran starts at 19

Israel compels women to complete National Service.
Iran does not have women perform National Service.

Israel you must serve three years.
Iran you must serve two years.

In Israel you get an exemption if you are a religious nutbag.
In Iran you get an exemption if you are the sole son within a family.

In Israel if you are a conscientious objector you are imprisoned.
In Iran if you are a conscientious objector you cant get a drivers licence.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous ENP said...

Poor "Blobbsy". Looks like Antony Loewenstein haunts this blog.

Either way, "Blobbsy's" post fails to mention that none of those points make Israeli policy illegal, especially surrounding children-in-warfare.

Iran, using a very notorious and well known method of kids over minefields, breaches this convention.

Maybe the Cubans have also learnt from Iran, who knows.

10:24 PM  

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