Monday, November 12, 2012

Vexnews: Bob Brown, Liar

Vexnews calls it:
Former Greensparty leader, retired Senator Bob Brown had a good run all day Sunday with the story that he had been “banned” from visiting Rwanda, the African country emerging from epic violence that the world initially ignored.
It was reported by AAP and then distributed on dozens of websites across the country:

However, it appears Brown has not been “banned” from visiting Rwanda on political grounds...

A website familiar with the situation, Rwanda Responds, which routinely challenges misleading reporting about the African country, explains that Brown’s application for a visa ran into difficulty because he falsely claimed not to have visited Rwanda previously.
Approval of Mr Brown’s visa application was withheld because the claim in his application not to have visited Rwanda previously appears to contradict records held by Rwandan immigration authorities.
Bob Brown was intending to support the nascent "Democratic Green Party" of Rwanda.  As a general rule, any political party or nation with the word "Democratic" in its title, isn't.


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