Sunday, November 11, 2012

No More Mocha Frappuccino for Poley Bear...

The UK Telegraph warns:
Rising global temperatures and subtle changes in seasonal conditions could make 99.7 per cent of Arabica-growing areas unsuitable for the plant by 2080, according to a new study by researchers from Kew Gardens.

Arabica is one of only two species of bean used to make coffee and is by far the most popular, accounting for 70 per cent of the global market including almost all fresh coffee sold in high street chains and supermarkets in the US and most of Europe. 
If only someone would link climate change to tobacco deforestation, Tim Blair might get on board.

The report continues:
Even if the beans do not disappear completely from the wild, climate change is highly likely to impact on yields and the taste of coffee beans in future decades, they added.
As opposed to say, this.


Anonymous Harry Buttle said...

Jesus. if only it was possible that the beans could be grown in other parts of the world, where the climate had been changed to a favourable (for Arabica) climate by this climate change...

7:37 PM  

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