Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is it with Labor Luvvies telling Abbott what to do?

Judy Hungerford in The Australian:
It would be a big mistake to assume Tony Abbott's ratings are dropping largely as a result of "relentless attacks" on his character.
Abbott is unpopular because he is seen as having no policies and because he looks ridiculous for his endless carbon-price panic stories.
It is hard for him to be viewed as a credible PM-in-waiting.
Judy Hungerford, Crows Nest, NSW
Why would any opposition leader announce policies more than a year before an election, giving the Government time to pre-empt them? 

In a previous letter, Ms Hungerford made it perfectly clear that she would never vote for Abbott, or I suspect, the Liberals.
AILSA Lennox (Letters, 16/10) is displaying her own hypocrisy when she complains that Labor MPs will accept Peter Slipper's vote.
Is she really unaware that the Opposition has also said it will accept Slipper's vote despite Tony Abbott saying "It's clear that this Speaker is no longer a fit and proper person to uphold the dignity of the Parliament. You indicate your unfitness for high office as well."
It speaks volumes that one minute the Coalition is baying for Slipper's blood by moving a motion of no confidence and hey presto, the very next minute it says it will accept his vote.
That is hypocrisy.
Judy Hungerford, Crows Nest, NSW
The difference between Liberal voters and Labor voters, is that Liberals point out problems with the Labor party. Whereas Labor luvvies presume to tell the Liberals how to manage their own party. Over the next year, there will be endless calls from the rusted-on Labor tragics telling the Libs to roll Tony Abbott and replace him with Malcolm Turnbull. They still won't vote Liberal, of course.

All Tony Abbott really needs to do between now and an election, is wait, and not screw up.


Anonymous Merle Values said...

"All Tony Abbott really needs to do between now and an election, is wait, and not screw up."

Lol, that isn't going to happen. Every time that clown opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.

I'd be willing to bet $1000 that Tony Abbott never becomes PM, any takers?

5:10 AM  

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