Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fairfax Can't Distinguish Good from Evil

This letter was published in the Fairfax Age, a newspaper known for its hostillity toward Israel.
THE posting of the killing of the Hamas leader in an ''infotainment video game''-style by the Israeli state is as much of a moral outrage as the videos showing beheadings and killings of Americans and journalists posted by al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups.
This man may have been an enemy of Israel but his muted country has been occupied for 50 years and he is a man, an uncle, a son, a brother and a father, not a media opportunity.
YouTube is owned by Google; if you would like to show your disgust at the publication and promotion of this murder on its service, I suggest you use a different search engine. There are plenty out there. State-sanctioned murder as entertainment is not acceptable.
Peter Topping, North Melbourne

Thanks, but I'll stick with Google. The Age apparently can't see any difference between the targeted killing of a man responsible for initiating rocket attacks on civilians, and the murder of a journalist whose only 'crime' was being a Jew.

I wonder how the journalists at The Age (those still with jobs) feel about this?

In The Age's sister publication the Sydney Morning Herald, the moral equivalence continues with an over-length rambling letter published from a wannabe "Loewenstein" who raises questionable Jewish heritage to try and add credibility to a weak argument:

If Australia is truly a secular and independent state, it would examine Israel's policies for what they are and condemn them as racist, akin to apartheid and fascism. Being of Jewish descent myself, I had hoped that a people who have suffered as much as the Jews would not become perpetrators of the same wrongs done to them in the past. But it is not the Jews who are perpetrators here: it is Israel. It is very important to make this distinction.

Hamas do not make any such distinction. Islamist terrorists who attack Jewish kindergartens and synagogues worldwide do not make any such distinction. Fairfax wants us to. It's pretty obvious why.


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