Thursday, November 22, 2012

Foux Du Fafa

Some disgusting drunken bogan abused a French woman on a Melbourne Bus for singing (In French). The offender subsequently smashed a bus window. Video of the incident has gone viral. The usual suspects are talking about Australian Racism and as usual they are "Ashamed to be Australian". It worries the hell out of me that the man in question has children. People like this actually breed and I daresay are financially rewarded for doing so. Those children have a pretty bleak future. Also, since when were French people considered a race?

Update: It's the Government's fault!

Surely the shameful incident on the Melbourne bus on November 11 where a French woman suffered racial abuse can be partly traced back to the way both sides of federal politics have treated asylum seekers. The demonisation they have received must eventually filter down to the simple-minded redneck in the community.
Dallas Fraser Mudgeeraba (Qld)
Yes. Because the "simple-minded rednecks" watch Q&A, Question Time and listen to Alan Jones... 


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