Sunday, June 02, 2013

Reviews In

Antony Loewenstein is excited about the "First positive review" of his new book. It's by an old mate of his, former Webdiary contributor Chris Saliba, who writes:
Loewenstein is a committed journalist whose work shows sensitivity and balance. He mixes research with on-the-ground reporting, seeking out the truth as experienced first-hand.
By "committed", Saliba presumably means "unemployable". As for Loewy's truthful "on-the-ground" reporting, you'd have to wonder whether Saliba was aware of Loewenstein's "research" not actually undertaken prior to his massively error-riddled Israel book.

As Saliba himself wrote in his review of the book at the time:
I know diddly squat about the Israel / Palestine conflict.
He should submit a manuscript to Melbourne University Press. They'd publish it for sure.



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